The MRT series – Jurong East (EW24)

Remember this post? That was the first of our MRT series post from 5-Jan of this year. It has been 11 months since. Wow, we’ve come full circle. Since there has already been a post about the station and its environs, no point repeating.

Instead, we look to the future for precincts around this station.

The planners up high have chosen this area to be the next central business district. At least that’s what has been shaping up with both the construction of homes and office towers. Combine that with the MRT line and the future terminus of the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur high speed rail, wow surely this will be a bustling place.

We hope so. At least for the folks who bought condos in the area expecting property prices to skyrocket and easily rented out… Care to pay this place a visit?

←Clementi (EW23)

→Chinese Garden (EW25)

Part of the MRT series here.

What web persona do you project?

We’ve written about – why blog when you can instagram (here). We’ve also written about giving up on social media (here). Well some of you too! But what we have not touched on so far is : what kind of personality do you project when you place online content?


Gotcha stumped? Well, it’s simply really. There was one day when we were in a conversation with old friends over dinner and drinks. And some of them have children in the range from the early teenage years to the brink of adulthood (like about to leave the nest). Yup we’re that old.

We talked about education for the kids, like financial budgeting and investing to help them get along “better” in life etc… And one thing that came up was how younger folks socialize these days. Now this may not well be accurate in all societies that you dear reader hail from. So take this as a social observation of how things could be in our little red dot.

Now we all know that the younglings do use social media more than for entertainment. How about for assessing each others’ social standing? If one had a thousand followers or more on instagram and had posts that generated a large quantum of likes (the mom could not tell how much constitute a lot), then you are accepted into a circle of friends. You’ve gotta project an image of being well liked (ie many followers) and having posts that generate a lot of likes (vindication of your social influence)…

Back in our day we only need to impress the others with the number of marbles we have in our pockets… heheh

So what kind of personality do you have in the web, blogosphere or whatever? Do you project an image of cool, success, content or wealth? Or something else? Tell us!

Did you know Poland was once all powerful?

Yes it may sound puzzling to imagine. But students of medieval European history will be able to articulate how Poland was once a mighty nation, holding dominion over a large swathe of eastern Europe. In fact, it took a Polish King to lead his forces and beat the Ottomans back from the gates of Vienna…


Today we want to reminisce about our journey to this wonderful country. The last 300 years had not been kind to Poland. As its institutions weakened due to internal strife, strong neighbours took advantage of the situation to slice the country apart. And for almost 200 years Poland did not exist as an independent country.

But today that has all changed. Since embracing the fall of communism in 1989, the country has steadily developed. And we were there in 2001 to see some of the early fruits of the change during a sojourn that took us from Poznan through to Warsaw and finally Krakow.

In Poznan and Warsaw we saw how the city has rebuilt, recreating brick for brick what existed prior to the devastation of WWII. While in Krakow we explored a city with preserved classical medieval structures that were unscathed by the conflict.

We know that there are many other places in Poland to touch and this was an excellent introductory journey. Have you been to Poland? What do you think are the recommended sights? Tell us what you think after reading our essay here.

The MRT series – Clementi (EW23)

Supposedly named after Sir Cecil Clementi (not sure which one), this new town is said to have been built over old military barracks. Well we can believe that, since there are still installations for the provost and medical teams of the Singapore Army in nearby Ulu Pandan road.

In and around the station itself there is the usual town shops and food centers. But if one were to venture a little further, one will find remnants of a railway that once ran from Jurong through parts of Clementi towards Malaysia. Got you interested to touch this part of the little red dot?

←Dover (EW22)

→Jurong East (EW24)

Part of the MRT series here.

We are voyagers, not travelers!

Yes. We picked up this term well over a year back in IG. Not that it is new. After all, the gutsy folks of the late 15th century were known as such when they set forth for the unknown, seeking for a shipping route from Europe to the fabled ‘riches’ of the far east.

Like many words, its meaning has evolved over time.

And today we are attaching one more meaning to this word. A noun more than a verb, we’ve replaced the title of “Tribal Chief” to “Voyager” in the certification roll of honour. Remember our business plan here?

You know all about nomads. They move about a lot and perhaps follow the seasons too like those folks waaay back. And you have to be persistent. Not just doing it for a year and expect to be accredited as Voyager. Because a Voyager is more than a nomad and takes committment. This is a person who charts out the unknown (to the rest of us at least). While the nomad has no permanent home, the Voyager calls the four seas his abode (四海为家)… heck we all call planet earth our home! Hmmm…

Well over the last 12 months we had been shuffling around spending time in various places for work (project mainly). And it we did it for more than a year. Add the >8 years we were outside of our country we think we qualify ourselves as Voyagers. Heheh…

So ends our meaningless rant for today. Voyaging matters to us. Does it matter to you? Still interested in getting that accreditation?

Thundering into Hungary

The reason we used the world ‘thundering’ is because the country’s name would suggest a connection to the Huns. Now you might not be a fan of history, but let us tell you that these folks (the Huns) were known as ferocious horse pack warriors that literally struck deep into Europe during the end of the Roman era in the 5th century.

Their arrival signed the collapse of the Roman empire in western Europe and heralded in an age of “darkness” (hence the dark ages) when there was little or no political stability let alone social and personal safety.

But today the lands that are called Hungary is inhabited by the descendent of the Magyar tribes. Some try to link them to the Finns and Estonians, but apparently the languages are not mutually intelligible. And it became part of one of the largest European empire : Austro-Hungarian empire of the Habsburgs.

We “thundered” into Budapest in a quieter fashion, making a cue for the medieval constructs in Buda before taking a cruise on the Danube and settling in Pest. For the river divides both sides of the city today, when just about 140 years ago they were two. Enjoy the café culture of the city, and let the cool vibe of the city sink in. That’s what we did. Read all about it here. So much has changed since the time we were there.

Did you enjoy your time in Budapest? And if you had still been, would you be tempted to do so?