The MRT series – Dover (EW22)

Dover station is relatively ‘new’, in the sense it is one of those that were constructed and added to the network much later than when the line was first operational. And the name for this station is borrowed from a neighbourhood that is actually quite far away… well approximately 1km away… heheh.

Today this new station serves the oldest Polytechnic in our little red dot. Yeah. Eventhough modelled similar to the UK, in our nation Polytechnics only award diplomas and not full degrees. But that would a story for a different post.

And if you are here, it is a slightly shorter walk to the kopitiam (coffeeshop) for XO Fish head bee hoon… again, Mel swears by it having lived in the area most of his youth. Apart from jogging along the canal…

←Buona Vista (EW21)

→Clementi (EW23)

Part of the MRT series here.

Wacky Postal boxes

You’ve got mail!

In the “old” days, we used to receive letters, postcards and parcels in our mail boxes. SpongeBob mailboxNot the digital one. Real physical boxes where someone called a postman or courier will place the snail mail. Something funny for today.

← This one sure does not look like someone living in a pineapple under the sea. Though still yellow and porous and absorbant as he.

You see, they might just become antiques. Because most folks hardly send snail mail… Or worse, hardly write anymore – as in using a pen and paper. So it was a pleasure to see how some folks decorate their mailboxes here.

We especially like the Sponge Bob one. Would you live in a pineapple under the sea? And did you see the one that where the mail has to be placed through the rear end of an ass? Piqued your interest to take a peek?

Could they be destinations in themselves? When was the last time you picked up the mail from a mailbox?

A bohemian experience

Heheh… what would be a bohemian experience? To be a bohemian means to be living an unconventional lifestyle. Usually this is associated with the arts (literary or not) or spiritual. So are we referring to this today?

Well no.

Simply because that would be a topic too complex for us un-bohemian folks. For we do not subscribe to a lifestyle that defies standard definitions. Oh boring us… heheh. For this describes our journey to the Czech republic, specifically to the historical Bohemia part of it that Prague is located. It is such a beautiful city and we can only exhort you to take a look at the grainy pictures we have in this little essay here.

Did you read the article?

Well to pique your interest further, let us tell you that part of the story of Bohemia is intertwined with the story of another family aside from the Habsburgs. Did you read our piece on micro states of Europe? One of them mentioned Liechtenstein. And in Bohemia will one find connections that link the modern day princely family back to medieval times.

Have you been to the Czech republic or Prague? We did not rub the statue of St John on Charles bridge. Ironically, it could be what we did not do that takes us back to the city! Have you rubbed the statue? Do you think it will ensure you return to the city?

The MRT series – Buona Vista (EW21)

Yet one more of the Queenstown neighbourhoods, this station has the distinction of having the only Italian name. Good views, that’s what the name is suppose to mean. Mel grew up here and used to play by that large canal that runs from Clementi through to where the MRT is today.

What did he do? Fishing if you would believe it!

Aside from the Ghim Moh estate opposite the station with a really good food center (Mel swears by it), there are numerous black and white colonial houses all over too. The little cluster called Rochester is comprised of them converted to restaurants and consultancies… you’ll have to get there to find out what!

←Commonwealth (EW20)

→Dover (EW22)

Part of the MRT series here.

You budget for travel?

Yep. This is one of the most critical things in our opinion. You see, there are many folks out there who have traversed the world on a shoestring and lived to write about it, share about it etc… Great stuff. Some of them will tell you that they did all that without inasmuch with much money. You know, the best things in life are free?


And at the other hand of the ring, we introduce the luxury boxer traveler who seems to live it up very well, all the time running an online business and maintaining a blog to tempt teach you how to emulate their lives… easy right? Sell some stuff, get paid and live a privileged life…


Now if you are like us born with wooden spoons in our mouths (if there was even wood for it) plus not being awfully smart, then obviously we need to work and budget for almost anything we wish – if it includes a monetary exchange in order to obtain it. Otherwise, life sucks right? Heheh… no today it’s not a rant. And no we are not talking about getting into debt either…

It’s about pulling the wool away from your eyes and remind yourself what it really is. Someone told us that the amount we’ve spent on our travel handprints would have gotten us another piece of real estate… or that it would be a good chunk of retirement change available during our old age. Frittered away… oh imagine the dollars flying away…


So the question being posed today is this: do you budget to travel? Or do you travel because you budget? If you have already set aside something for say retirement, do you not ‘budget’ the rest to live you life? Just a thought.

Trondheim wasn’t THAT quiet

We only said that the city was quiet because most of the time the streets seemed deserted or desolate most of the time when we were there. Except one night, when it seemed the whole of Norway was in town. That, was because it was the last day of school and plenty of kids were “thrown” out into the streets from school… heheh.

Why did we came here in the end of winter?

For one thing, we had expiring airmiles with KLM that had be redeemed soon. We had already been to Strasbourg previously, so with the available mileage this was it. You might know that Norway as a country is relatively sparsely populated. And when the days are colder folks tend to stay indoors though it may be the weekend? In any case, we were one of the few souls on the road, the tram or taking a ferry (to Brekstad). It made us feel initially that we had made a bad choice.

But then we realize that the lack of folks also meant we had less competition at the sights of interest. Which was all wonderful as we made the most of it. So what’s there to do in Trondheim in the quiet months? Find out here and let us know if you’ve been there before at other times!