Beautiful southwestern US

We are very sure you have heard of the Grand Canyon. Afterall, with so many blog posts sharing with you what you can see, it would be pointless for us to add to in the form of a post. So we have decided to let you take your pick on what to read.

Did you recall the movie the Wild Wild West? Imagine riding that big spider ‘walking’ through monument valley’s mesa. Oh how we enjoy our stop there! You can drive into it around a circuit. Just remember that the roads are not only dusty but also tough to negotiate. Best with a SUV…

We did a fun road trip that spanned about 5000km or just over 3000 miles from Las Vegas to the south rim and rounding over the top via Moab. Read all about it here. Now if there is any advise we can dispense it would be to keep your rental fully stocked when getting out there. And that means gas (for the car not us) and water (for us not the car). Other than that, get your accommodations sorted if not camping under the stars…

Moab was base for a couple of days and we sprang to nearby Canyonland NP (here) and dead horse point state park. And we finally managed to touch Antelope Canyon (here) after an arduous morning’s drive dash.

Doesn’t this make you yearn to plan for a road trip like we did? If you did it, which parts were the one(s) you’d shout out about the most?

The MRT series – Raffles Place (NS26)

Did Raffles really land here? Even if he did not, this spot turned first into an trade centre – an emporium of sort that the leading man envisioned. Today it is the financial centre of our little red dot, the fourth largest Forex trading centre in the world and one of the places where large amounts of assets under management (AUM) are concentrated.

Come here to see the Merlion, the bay area etc… 5 photos cannot do justice!

And indeed not. For not only is there the lion with a fish tail spouting water, there is the old post office, the historic river and the iconic piers that have now been turned into beautiful boutique hotels. If Raffles were to ever travel in time and see it now… we are sure he’d be proud.

←City Hall (NS25)

→Marina Bay (NS27)

Part of the MRT series here.

Taking an Air Cruise?

Once again it’s time to recap what’s going on with trends in travel. From this article, what caught our eye was Uber private jetting (wonder how recent developments with them will be though). Yep, you read that right. This sharing economy is really taking off (no pun intended).

But the icing on the cake really was the section of the post that suggests there are folks who would gun for taking round the world (well not all the way round) air cruises. Huh? You might recall that we wrote (here) about the nostalgic days of air travel in the 1950s and 1960s. Back in the day a journey from say Australia to the UK could take several days, even by flight. And what journey did the passengers have? Why they had stopovers where they’d be checked into hotels before making the onward journey flight.

Seems like this form of travel is making a come back!

So who says one cannot do a cruise with planes? It will not be the plane being in the air for the entire duration of a week, but surely as cruise ships dock at ports the planes can do the same (not the seaport lah)? And it has always been our prediction that some day, airships will come back in vogue not as transportation but as pleasure crafts. It’s a matter of time.

We predict that within the next 10 years, air cruising will become affordable to the masses as sea cruises are. When that becomes a reality, will you be one of the first to jump in the air?

Viva Las Vegas indeed!

What happened in Vegas has to stay in Vegas right? Well yeah. Kinda set you off on a visual imagination of what can be doesn’t it? Just what would have to happen for it to not leave with you…

Now we are not gamblers. In fact, we detest it.

To be honest we expected more. The movies portrayed the casinos to be full of beautiful suave men and sculpted women. The blinking lights in the movies appear brighter and sparkles. To us the actual gambling sites were a little less glitzier than we envisioned. And we could not even find a nickel machine to try our hand! Because they seem occupied day and night.

So why would we spend a whole week – ie full 7 days in Las Vegas? Because there is definitely more to gambling and the flutter of the heart in sin city. Dodging ‘body snatchers’, seeking out free stuff to see and do, gourging on food, shopping and the bright lights… do you recall Percy being lost in the Lotus casino in the movie ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief‘? This city might do the same to you.

Especially if time is not of an essence to you.

Read up here on what we did in Vegas that did not stay there! Did anything happen with you that needs to stay in Vegas? Oops. Did we ask you to share a secret?

The MRT series – City Hall (NS25)

One of the most historical sections of the city, there is so much to see and do here. For example there is the National Gallery (here), the City Hall, Chijmes, St Andrews’s Cathedral, the Padang and much much more at this major interchange station with the East West Line (EWL)…

For a long time this was the administrative centre of the colonial government. And upon independence was the place where national day was celebrated with pomp and pageantry of marching soldiers, bands etc. It is both historic and touristic and definitely one of the places most visitors touch when they come to our little red dot. Go beyond the glitzy malls and glass buildings, for there is so much more to see and do!

Dhoby Ghaut (NS24)

Raffles Place (NS26)

Part of the MRT series here.

King of the Hill, for a day or two

We all know a (wo)man’s home is her (his) castle. Talk about trying to be gender neutral here… anyway you know what we mean right? But how would one like to really own a real castle? Not the ones that Kings of ode can dream up and build in reality, but buy one. Not the one in the featured image, unfortunately.

Some months back, we read this article that suggests that for a princely (heheh) sum of £46, one can become a joint-holder of an abandoned French Fortress in the Dordogne region. Yep, you can become one of 10,000 folks that will be able lay claim on a stake in this relic of noble past. A minor ‘Princelet’ perhaps? Maybe we need to update our exciting business opportunity!

But the point today is this : do these folks really understand what they are getting into?

In our little red dot we have properties from a bygone era, from before the 1960s. Pre-war houses they call them and they are conserved. Well some of them anyway. To buy them meant to ensure that they are preserved externally with no cosmetic amendments. Sure you can turn the inside into what you wish, but it remains a responsibility of the owner to manage the conservation. Overall, that costs a fair chunk of change… actually those who bought in early have reaped the rewards (darn why did we not join our friends?). Will the new greater fools rushing in be able to count on the same?

There are many outstanding structures in the world today. Especially in Europe and Asia. Should the State own them all and conserve them at public cost, or would private citizens coming together to fund conservation be the answer?