A job that brings you places

Imagine that. A job that actually requires you to live in a different city each month even as you worked on a full time, permanent role. And be paid with benefits too… Isn’t that the dream of nomads of this world (hey the certificate is still available here) to have such a sweet spot?

If this (read article here) is truly available to you, would you jump up and take the offer?

Some time back, we wrote about mobile talent (here). It may not be exactly the vision you get when looking at the instagram posts of those who claim to be successful digital nomads. In fact it’s more conventional. More like working 9-5, what a way to make a living (barely getting by) but for shorter stints and in different locations. We gave some examples in that post but we are sure some of you dear readers would know of more. Care to share any?

Our own experience was one of moving around the world not many many times over a short period. Instead, we stayed for a number of years in a different location each time. And on different continents too. That gave us not only the opportunity to experience very different work environments but also the chance to explore a broad area while domiciled temporarily (albeit for a few years) in a fixed spot. And it gave depth to our soujorns too.

Our rationale: being in a particular place for too short a period of time may not sufficiently give you an all rounded experience. For the slightly longer durations we stayed facilitated us learning a new language, being able to prepare local food and building life long friendships.

Would this not count as being a nomad?

Is this the best job in the world?

Some reality check indeed for all those who aspire for these ‘best job in the world’ roles. Ben sure brought in a dose of realism as he shared how he went through one the first of these roles (here for the article).

We are sure many of you would have experienced this. You read a job ad. The job description is given to you. It reads to be really exciting. You start to dream about the kind of things you will be doing on the job. The interviewer? Well he (or she) did not paint a bleak picture either. And so you sign on the dotted line…


Three months later you are wondering what were you thinking. This job ain’t what it was advertised and sold to you! So you rant. Oh how often has this occurred to you? Perhaps one time too many? Maybe you were lucky enough to find the right fit in the right employer. All the time. Lucky you.

So is being a travel ambassador of sorts really that dream job?

Well according to Ben – we think it hinges between yes and no. Granted that he traveled the length of the Great Barrier reef in almost every imaginable transport device from land to sea to air. But it was certainly no bed of roses either with the hectic schedule visiting 60 islands in 6 months while conducting a bevy of interviews, shows etc. In fact, this might sound like a rather high end corporate role. Except it might not pay as much nor come with some of the benefits one can expect from the behemoth transnationals of the world.

But that would not be the point isn’t it?

We are sure Ben will have the memories of his 6 months etched somewhere in his mind for a long time. Would you apply the next time such an opportunity comes along?

Naughty Cruise journey

Ok, so the word they used was ‘sensual’. But we are plain folks who don’t buy into fancy words (though we use them – guilty heheh). But we cannot help it. You need to read this article yourself to be the true judge of what we are about to say is true. This is a cruise. But it’s no ordinary luxury cruise. This brings about a vastly different sort of ‘luxury’, one which combines entertainment and pleasure…

Now you sure need to be ‘open’ minded to join this cruise. Because clothing is optional at the pools and you’d likely be surrounded by open minded couples. Aaargh, my eyes!! You might yell if you are prudish. To be honest the photos of the fixtures on the cruise ship seems to suggest an AV film set..heheh…perhaps this might prick your curiosity to read the article? Perhaps book a cabin for April 2018?

But you will also note that this is not just one but of many themes that cruise operators are now betting on. Even the big names are cashing in on this. Can you imagine rocking and jamming while cruising the Caribbean? Yup, that’s sailed for a few years already. Wow, talk about rocking the boat.

Or how about getting your pants wet from being frightened out of your wits at every corner of the ship? Zombie themed cruise? Oh man, that might actually scare the living daylights out of us! lol.

You see, today travel is getting mundane. The sheer number of folks writing about their experiences testifies to the ‘commonness’ of the experience. That’s because the number of people traveling has been rising so much (read here) So people want something new, something refreshing, something unique. The experential kind that is.

What do you think? Has travel become mundane that we seek thrills that deviate from the ‘norm’?

Funds do run out YOLOing

See how this couple spent the first four months on the road and already they have been looking at work to fund their travel. If you are going to inspire anyone to drop all you have an go travel the world, the idea is still to plan a little ahead.

Not too much, cos that will stifle your creativity and put up so much doubt in your head that you may reconsider, and possibly give up.

Because you know all this is really not new. Many years ago (wow this makes us sound old), I recall friends from university putting on a backpack and setting off on the day after the last exams. Destination? The open road. Some went all over the UK, others took the ferry across the channel and went all over Europe. The adventurous ones ventured into Eastern Europe, which had just pulled down the iron curtain 2-3 years back. And you know, the really nerdy ones actually shared their adventures on bulletin board services (aka BBS, go look it up), the forerunner of social media in our opinion.

Now that really tells you how old we are!

Four+ months, this is how long the couple has been on the road. So far, checked off India and China. They are actually working in China to top up the original £24,000 they’d saved up before stepping off the precipice.The original sum is quite impressive for a budget to start off, but obviously it will deplete rather fast as the activities on the road consume that stash.

Looking at their bucket list, there are a number of pricey items. A stay in MBS and the Grand Prix in Singapore might cost a fair sum. Maybe we should give them some clue on how to enjoy Singapore affordably!

Maldives is never truly cheap and there are no budget airlines or hotels there. And flying to South America for that steak is also going to take some contributing to airline profits.Southeast Asia is possibly more affordable and where they can stretch their pound. But with the sterling recently “pounded” by all that Brexit uncertainty, making additional income along the way could be handy.

The one thing about being on the road forces you to improvise. And one of those would be the choice of what to do in order to earn an income to keep going. They chose to become dive instructors. But only after getting qualififcations when they next get to Bali! I hope they have dived frequently themselves! Frankly, we think it is unethical for the less qualified or experienced folks to teach high risk sports like diving. Between us, we’d rather be taught by more experienced dive masters.

Travel Advisory

It’s debate time here. Well, sort of.

More like a wrestling match between the left and right hemispheres of white matter in the little box on top of my head.

I read about Sarah’s observation that millenials crave more for a work-life equation that provides more flexibility, good benefits and diversity in tasks. Maybe it sounds condescending, but do millenials really think they deserve what they demand for? To say that one could drop work and walk out for a journey at any time hints of a lack of committment. We made it to this point to facilitate the millenials’ lifestyles only through the efforts of the earlier generations. It did not occur by chance and will not be funded on its own…sooner or later even the hardest core of roadsters will find energy and monetary resources waning (read here for an earlier post).

And for income its not like as if Millenials are the only ones who crave flexibility in a good paying + benefits job. Which working mom does not? As if teaching English will go a long way, look at this article for teaching posts in Hawaii. Bloggers do have a responsibility NOT to sensationalize their stories. Perhaps in China, Vietnam or Thailand they pay so well for someone who had not been a qualified teacher before? Like I mentioned here, I would not like to be taught scuba diving by someone who just got their qualifications.

We are at an evolutionary stage where most may live well beyond their 80s due to advances in medical knowledge and technologies. Planning ahead for your life is more crucial now than before. At the risk of sounding like a financial adviser, I am going to say that the best time to invest for a retirement is to start young, not spend it all (time and money) at that period of energetic youth.

I hope the millenials get that.

Shannon’s messgae for the young to travel before college on the other hand is actually good advise. Americans need to get out more often. I have been asked frequently by Americans why we seem to know so much about the US (not just its celebrities). Yes it’s true the US is a continental sized nation, with enough happening to fill your newsfeed 24/7. But increasingly the rest of the world is catching up (or have caught up) and there is a lot of missing out going on here for Americans that do not look outside your own backyard.

Frankly, Danielle hits a home run here. There is merit to enjoy your journeys at a measured pace. Some folks tend to think they will discover themselves in their 20s if they leave on a whirlwind world trek. Honestly, I don’t think we knew what we wanted or what our interests were at that time. We only rediscovered our love for history, geography and the arts when we got to our late 30s.

And as we started posting blogs and stories from our travel handprint, we came to the realization that our journeys from the days of our 20s were so much blander than we have today. It certainly was exciting at that time. However, with time we have gained sufficient knowledge and experience to do it more meaningfully, if only we can turn back time.



Win your own pacific resort!

When we first read this earlier this week, we thought this was just an ad. But now it appears that you can really buy a raffle ticket here and win the resort of your dreams.

Imagine winning an island resort and running it. The US$49 for the explorer pack gets you not only a chance to win on 26-July, but also an image by Matt Shepherd. As they say, the more you buy the more your chances of winning!

But what exactly is the deal to win the resort?

You will win not one, but two businesses. The resort with 16 rooms comes with a range of facilities. Then there is the scuba diving business. To top that off, the winners will have US$10,000 in the businesses’ bank account.Sort of like the working capital that you’d need to keep the restaurant stocked up or the equipment maintained etc…

Sounds easy right? Just buy the raffle ticket.

For one, you’ll need to have a foreign investment permit from the Federated States of Micronesia before the ownership can be transferred to you. You probably need to find out more about taxes and dues too, as a foreign business owner. But the promise is one of being able to run the resort with able hands already on deck for the last 15 years! Sounds too good to be true? Is this a very elaborate scam?

Guess what? The resort is the result of hard work by a pair of YOLOing couple from more than 20 years ago! That proves without a doubt that what the Millenials appear to be searching for is nothing new! It has always been in the blood of the young to yearn for something out of the ordinary.

History may not repeat, but they surely seem to rhyme.