Wine and country

No. The Koala did not fall asleep because of too much wine and cheese.

But Suan almost certainly did. As designated driver, Mel dutifully abstained from swigging too much drink and sipped accordingly. But for Suan it was open season…Time to get the shotguns out of the cupboard! This was how it felt like when we drove through the Bellarine onto the Mornington peninsula during this part (read here) of the short road trip outside of Melbourne.

While it may not be quite France as we had experienced, it was whole different way to enjoy our own little ‘wine tour’ in Australia.

One of the advantages of driving your own is that you can select and winery you wish to stop at. And keep going for as long as you can. Well someone’s gotta “sacrifice”, but hey that’s for the greater good ain’t it? Packaged wine tours on the other hand bring you to that handful of places they have arrangements with. While you might get a little more attention than walk-in customers, you certainly have no choice of where to go! Unless you book a private tour where you let the operator knows where you’d want to go…

But the best private wine tour operator has got to be Mel! Because he will drive Suan anywhere she wants, stop anywhere she desires and dutifully drive her safely home.

Does this motivate you to jump out and do your own “private” wine tour drive now?

Fountain of youth or wine?

Happy hour. First questions asked is: when will last drinks be ordered? Is it 7pm or 8pm? And even if you’re happy during these hours, you still need to pay. A little less but still have to pay…

How about free drinks? And wine for that matter…are we on to something?

Why yes! Presenting free flow of wine (here) that you can drink off a fountain. Can you imagine that. All you need is a glass. Because its literally free flowing. Sponsored by a vineyard and a non-profit organization, the fountain WILL flow 24/7 according to its sponsors and managers…It’s main aim is to provide pilgrims following the Cammino di San Tommaso with a refreshing drink to quench their thirst. For those who don’t know, this is a route from Rome to Ortona spanning 140 miles to reach St Thomas’s resting place.

So technically if you are not on the pilgrimage, no happy hours for you. Imagine that, getting all spiritual…don’t pelt us!

Actually this is neither new nor unique since this idea was originally fermented and implemented in the hills of northern Spain. Heard of the Compostella pilgrimage anyone?

Will you get to Abruzzo just to enjoy a free flow of wine? Because Mel & Suan have not touched the boot and heel of Italy, why yes for us we’d sure like to go! The road trip was planned many years ago but could not be brought to fruition. Perhaps we now have a perfect excuse to make this drive to the southern tip of the peninsula and cross over to Sicily too!