The MRT series – Tampines (EW2)

How do you think you should pronounce it? Tam-pines? Tam-pee-nes? Now don’t get any ideas… for the second of the two pronunciation is the accurate one in local language. You are sure to be getting some chuckles if you chose the former.

Do you know what ironwood trees are? Because in the past this area was mostly forested and full of quarries. And specifically the tempinis tree was particularly abundant such that the colonials actually named the place after the tree in the 1820s.

Except that the spelling evolved to its current form. And the quarries are all gone too, in their place shining new apartment buildings and the lives of people moving to stay here in another vibrant sub-urban town…

Pasir Ris (EW1)

→Simei (EW3)

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The MRT series – Pasir Ris (EW1)

At the very eastern end of the island, literally at land’s end is the town of Pasir Ris. In the Malay language, “Pasir” means sand. Translated into English the town is also known as White sands, which might be a reference to the beach where Mel took an early morning walk to view the sunrise one Sunday morning.

And it was a fabulous morning walking along the park that lines the sea. Beyond all that water is actually Singapore’s largest offshore island – Pulau Ubin, or granite island. Though soon to be dwarfed by Pulau Tekong’s reclaimation.

For some reason Pasir Ris park has a lot of free ranging chicken foraging with little fear of people… some might suspect fowl play here as these birds appear to have staked out territories which they defend quite robustly…

←Marina South Pier (NS28)

→Tampines (EW2)

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The MRT series – Marina South Pier (NS28)

Escape from Singapore! Well, not exactly. If you want to take a scenic ride, yeah sure. Nearby is suppose to be the larger passenger liner dis/embarkation centre. Seems to be closed when we were there… But while you are there the empty maritime centre can do with some visitors… learn to ‘drive’ a ship, understand how our port works!

This is the southern end of the line. It literally stops here because out there is the sea and onward to Indonesia. Just a stone’s throw away. Heheh. We are not sure if arriving passengers really use this station, but it seems that folks who want to jump off to the islands of the Indonesian archipelago can do so from here.

←Marina Bay (NS27)

→Pasir Ris (EW1)

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The MRT series – Marina Bay (NS27)

Not too much at this time except swanky new buildings either just built or on the way here. Perhaps someday activity will pick up here. For the moment, enjoy the quiet solitude. For when the Circle line is complete – ie all linked up in a true circle, this station might become hot property!

To be terribly honest, there was literally nothing to see and do here. At least for now. There were hardly anyone and the MRT staff was eyeing Mel for suspiciously walking around taking photos of the stations. Luckily he did not look terrorizing enough…

←Raffles Place (NS26)

→Marina South Pier (NS28)

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The MRT series – Raffles Place (NS26)

Did Raffles really land here? Even if he did not, this spot turned first into an trade centre – an emporium of sort that the leading man envisioned. Today it is the financial centre of our little red dot, the fourth largest Forex trading centre in the world and one of the places where large amounts of assets under management (AUM) are concentrated.

Come here to see the Merlion, the bay area etc… 5 photos cannot do justice!

And indeed not. For not only is there the lion with a fish tail spouting water, there is the old post office, the historic river and the iconic piers that have now been turned into beautiful boutique hotels. If Raffles were to ever travel in time and see it now… we are sure he’d be proud.

City Hall (NS25)

Marina Bay (NS27)

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The MRT series – City Hall (NS25)

One of the most historical sections of the city, there is so much to see and do here. For example there is the National Gallery (here), the City Hall, Chijmes, St Andrews’s Cathedral, the Padang and much much more at this major interchange station with the East West Line (EWL)…

For a long time this was the administrative centre of the colonial government. And upon independence was the place where national day was celebrated with pomp and pageantry of marching soldiers, bands etc. It is both historic and touristic and definitely one of the places most visitors touch when they come to our little red dot. Go beyond the glitzy malls and glass buildings, for there is so much more to see and do!

Dhoby Ghaut (NS24)

Raffles Place (NS26)

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