The MRT series – Yio Chu Kang (NS15)

Technically this is part of Ang Mo Kio in terms of neighbourhoods, Nanyang Polytechnic is here to give some youthful vibrancy to what a mix of industrial and residential area this has become. Next to the station there is a tennis centre. Come practice or observe the training if you are into the sport. But aside from that, the large industrial zone is where people come to – well work!

By now, you might have noticed we have quite a few stations’ whose name end with a ‘kang’. This is derived from the Chinese character ‘港’. Do you know why these places have this in their names? And if you ever look up the map, you might notice they are mostly in the northern part of the island… comment on this post and we’ll tell you!

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The MRT series – Khatib (NS14)

You might realize that this suburban area served seems to be part of Yishun which we previously shared… Come here to do some fishing (prawning for some) or get into the Kampung spirit at WOW! Or see the beautiful sunrise over the lower Seletar reservoir… it’s spectacular at sunrise. Why not practice yoga in the cool morning air as the light reflects off the crystal waters?

You know it was such a pleasant surprise to catch the beautiful sunrise view over the large body water. Know what an impounded reservoir means? Heheh… it simply means that it has been sluiced, enlarged to store more water. You might recall we mentioned water is life and how collecting water is so precious to our little red dot (here).

Water security is getting tough as the climate change (warming or cooling? who cares it changing!).

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A UNESCO site in Singapore?

Yes. After a pretty long journey, we (ie the little red dot) have finally our own UNESCO heritage site in 2015. To be honest, it wasn’t a place that we had visited regularly. The idea actually came about in 1822 by our island’s modern founder, and it has surely gone a long way from being an experimental garden to the present day.

You see, you need to understand this. That Sir Stamford Raffles wasn’t just another colonial official. He was also a very keen naturalist and geographer. His travels had taken him all over the southeast Asian archipelago and he is credited with have discovered the world’s largest flower. Do you know what that is? Well Google it since we won’t tell you!

Our botanical gardens is not huge at 82 hectares. And we’ve been to much larger gardens elsewhere in the world. But it packs a lot of punch into that considerably compact yet well thought layout. It is an important piece in the puzzle that is our city state’s path towards a city in a garden. Did you know you can have an Orchid variery named after you? Join us here as we show you what you can see and do here in our UNESCO heritage site.

Do you love gardens? Hope you enjoyed our showcase!

The MRT series – Yishun (NS13)

Mel got lost here leading a company in a heli-insert exercise here in the early 90s during one of his reservist stints. Heheh… Did you know that most of what is now this suburban town were once ponds of water for rearing shrimps? Can’t imagine that this has transformed into a residential town! And don’t forget to get to the only hot spring in Singapore. Read how to get there at this page.

Merely 10 years ago, it might had been considered by some to be the northern end of Singapore in a sense. Because this was literally where the North-South MRT line terminated. Yeah. Imagine that. It was in 1996 that the circular looking service line that is still called “north-south’ came to be full connected. At least to the East-West line. Fun rail history huh?

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→ Khatib (NS14)

The MRT series – Sembawang (NS11)

This is the name of both an air and naval base, though both are pretty far away from the MRT station. Today the area that the station serves is mostly new HDB flats all around, hence more for utility and convenience of those living here. Did you know the name Sembawang belongs to a local tree that is located at the park? Look it up!

Did you also know most of Fortress Singapore’s British naval assets were in the south of the island until the 1930s? Barely completed not long, it had to be wrecked to deprive the invading Imperial Japanese army use of the facilities. Today it is a bustling base comprising of mixed civilian and military use, though you’d never see that from the MRT station…

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The MRT series – Admiralty (NS10)

Is it because its near the naval base that it has this name? Well it appears so. Because apparently a Rear Admiral of the British fleet resided here, along with the Naval high command during colonial days. Today what counts as part of the Admiralty (of the Republic of Singapore) is further away from the station, but a name has been inherited by this new HDB town. And check out the new nearby park with large slides!

You see, in recent years our little red dot has been ramping up construction of not only excercise stations, but also playgrounds. It’s not quite Legoland, but hey! Can you think of any other city or country in the world that does this?

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