Road tripping Hua Hin

Heheh… it has been some months since we came back from our little road trip around Hua Hin. Was it fun? Of course. Would we recommend it? Definitely!

Today we finally finished the translation of our offline journalog to the blog for sharing with you. There was A LOT of material and trust us that this is surely just an abridged version.

First it is important to note that we picked up a rental car from Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok. From there, it was supposedly a 3-hour drive (approximately 220km). But you see we did not just jumped in the car and made the drive. For we determined to stay the night near the airport and popped over to nearby Rod Fai market. Have not heard of it? Oh then you need to find your way there too!

And did you think Hua Hin was just about the sea and beach? Oh no! Well, not the city itself anyway. In any case we did not get into the water on this occasion. Instead, we stayed dry on land.

So how did we fare? Here’s the checklist we had:

  • Vineyards. Yep we did visit one. And it was such a surprise to taste good vintage there! Even on a rainy day it was so busy… but the highlight was – drumroll – the cheesecake. Heheh… ok the wine’s good too.
  • Royal retreats (definitely saw the railway station), if only without the train coming in. This option of getting to Hua Hin (5 hours from Bangkok) is definitely not in our consideration. And we did sneak into a palace too.
  • Night markets. Guess we’re becoming “atas” (malay word for “upstairs”, but in Singlish it means being ‘high class’). Couldn’t fancy eating at them… all three that we visited and spent quite a bit of time walking through but not a bite.

Are you ready for our journalog? Let’s go, by reading on here. Have you been to Hua Hin?

The Long Journey Q4-17

It would be cliché to say yet again how time flies, but then it really did. Heheh. And now we are into the last months of the year. Oh what a year it had been so far! Having just come back from Hua Hin on our road trip, we have to report that it was a wonderful adventure making that drive. A journalog cometh soon…

And it has been a little more quiet in this last three months. Time to let Bankie recover a little! But that might have to wait. You may recall we’ve been longing to get to Jordan for the longest time right? Well guess what? The group has formed!! Yaaay! It means sometime in the middle of December we shall be waltzing to the airport on the way to another of our bucket list destinations. Woohoo!

But of course that would still be some months away.

We hope you too had a fun filled three months. Even if not traveling a lot, there can still be fun in our own backyard too! Sometime towards the end of the year, we shall make an announcement. It has a lot to do with having fun in your own neighbourhood(s). Look out for it!

Here’s our latest newsletter: The Long Journey Q4-2017. Enjoy!



We interrupt this broadcast…

No. We are not trumpeting any flight upgrade or that sort of thing. It’s just that after 7 days of no wordpress, we feel that we ought to summarize how it has been. Both on the road trip and also about being offline. So before we fly off from the city of Angels, we are sending off this post. So how did we feel?

The word to describe it : emancipated.

Yep. That’s really how it felt.

You probably know we schedule our posts ahead. So coming up with posts wasn’t the issue. It was not having the “strain” of thinking about the blog, responding to comments or reading the posts of others, from which we felt a freedom that we did not experience for some time. Incredible to realize this isn’t it?

Sometimes we simply put ourselves through too much pressure to read all the posts out there. And we really shouldn’t. Because if what we said is true : ie that time is but the only commodity that cannot be stored, then we ought to live our lives first and worry about the blog later. Don’t you agree?


The road trip has been more than fabulous. We are already so full of ideas as to what to share with you in the journalog and handprint stories… And Mel was soooo wrong. The Queen of shopping DID find quite some places and not a few things to buy. All utilitarian around the house of course!

And now, back to your regular programme of scheduled posts.

Off to Hua Hin!

Yaay! We are going on our road trip to this coastal resort town approximately 200km south of the city of Angels. Even as you read this we would have touched down in Bangkok and picked up the rental car to make the drive to the timeshare apartment. Yesterday… Yep this is a scheduled post so note the past tense.

Well, not quite.

For first we spent the first night not far from the airport, as we stock up on necessities and made a stab at Rod Fai night market. Heard of this one? Well look out for the journalog where more will be shared.

Only after that in the following morning (like now) will it will be a 200km+ drive. And we expect to take more than the 3 hours Google suggested since we will most likely sidetrack:

What will we be doing? For one thing when one have their own set of wheels, the road is open! Can you hear the music or our bad singing? Heheh… Suan has crafted out the following that we must do:

  • Vineyards (huh? Yep there are quite a few)
  • Royal retreats (Definitely see the rail station)
  • Night markets (For the food only)

No shopping? Yep. In this parts, there is nothing for even the Queen of shopping to identify for a browse. But mostly in between we shall be taking it easy. So no wordpress for a whole week. We’re suppose to be on vacation right? Hence our advanced apologies if it seemed we’ve ditched reading your posts… we are busy… heheh

Wish you are here! A journalog cometh. Watch this space and TTYL.

The Long Journey Q3-17

Bonjour. Good morning (day). Guten Tag. 早晨. Hyvää huomenta. Buongiorno. おはようございます. Selamat Pagi. And the list goes on. If your language is not in this sentence it just means that we’ve come to a stop with the last one that is in Malay. That’s all.

Oh wow. So much has happened in just 6 short months.

The last time we said that time flies. Heheh. We now think that time has warped! Just like Star Trek heroes warping through space and time, it seems like the lunar new year was just over, wallet freshly recovering from the wounds of giving out a plenty of red packets.. 满江红…

So what’s Mel and Suan been up to in these last three months? Work! That’s what we did. After depleting the bank accounts (rather emptying it) late last year and in the first 3 months of the year, it was time to let little ‘bankie’ to recover. But work also brought us places May through to June so Bankie might need a little more time to recuperate. Yes we name our bank account too just like the car we used to drive (we are car-lite now yeah!). We thought using money as part of the naming would be fun but “monkie” doesn’t quite appeal phoentically. LOL.

Not being in Singapore meant we did not receive any visitors either….sigh. But we did catch up with friends in the big Apple though… Our latest newsletter is here: The Long Journey Q3-2017! Take a peek.

What’s next?

Sometime in September if we get the slot, we’d finally touch Hua Hin through the use of the timeshare apartment instead of heading to Phuket or Chiang Mai. And we shall road trip there too! Heheh, we have also just placed bookings for a journey to the land of the prophets at the end of the year. Yes – Jordan here we come, although Israel is included too. Bankie will surely be exhausted by then. Again.

What are your plans for the 2nd half of this year?

Adventures down south

When we read about how travelers search and find the best deals to make their journeys around the world thee days, it really reminded us about how similar it was to how we had done so in the past. As young folks with far more limited budgeted, it took a fair amount of creativity, ingenuity and effort and be rewarded with the opportunity to go on a journey.

Cheapest flights, motels, hostels etc. Everything that would cost money was carefully considered, weighed and prioritized. Just as some write about budgeting monetary resources into the experiences we want to obtain, Mel and Suan did the same while getting to the South Island of New Zealand. Don’t you do the same? Now you need to know that it takes just as long and far to fly from Singapore to New Zealand as it is to the UK. So this was not a short hop by any imagination.

If we were to do the journey today, it would probably be a road trip.

But as budget constrained younglings, we did not want to send money to the rental companies though that would have made life a lot more palatable. Find out in this essay how we made full use of what is publicly available transportation to make a roundtrip, without the driving! And in a surprising twist, it is cheaper now to do so, much cheaper!

Have you been to the South island of New Zealand? Did you enjoy the combination of nature and adventure?

Now that was a quick one for New Zealand, just two handprint stories. Coming up next, watch this space for our China stories – home for four years!