A transparent canoe?

Some of you might like kayaking or canoeing. Braving the open seas hopefully not too far off the coast. Enjoying the freedom to travel over water just like roadies doing an epic drive. If only you can also see what’s under your canoe or kayak too as you paddle!

Well, that’s a wish coming true.

Introducing the Crystal kayak (read here for article). Made from polycarbonate material, the kayaks are transparent on all sides except for the frame. Now you don’t have to snorkel to see the fishes beneath the water. You can become an observer from a distance, and not intrude overtly into the lives of the denizens of the deep…heheh, we are simplifying it a little. But you know that.

The kayak will grant you the opportunity to look beneath you even as you paddle or thread water. How deep you can see will depend on where you are and how clear the waters are, obviously. So in our view this is best for crystal clear waters in places like the Maldives, parts of the Caribbean etc. You know, places where there are few/no pollutants and little churn that turns the water murky.

The article says the product is ‘flying’ off the shelves even though it is priced at £1,199 each (right at the time we read the post). We don’t know about you. But we sure weren’t thinking about buying one for ourselves. Rather, we were hoping the resorts we will reside in will have one (some we mean).

Here to another innovation in the world of leisure travel. Would you kayak in one if you had the opportunity?

Your personal drone photographer

Oh juxtapose once again.

There are luxury travel companies offering packages that takes drone videography of your journey (read here) in the name of seeing where they’ve travelled from a different perspective. And back on the ground, there would be professional shooters photographers to assist in taking selfies of you (and your partner), without the hassle of you doing it yourself. Yep, no more selfie stick or stretching your hands out…

You see, this touches so many topics. We’ll just comment on three.

For one, it seems not only wedding couples are getting feted for such treatment these days. Though yes you do pay for them. No need for selfies? Heheh, normally Mel & Suan asks someone’s help to take a photo when possible. It’s free by the way. You just need to return the favour if requested. Nope it may not end up with a professional looking photo, but do you really want a photographer following you all over? Ok, ok some do relish the attention…

And those drone photos and videos. How would you know if those were really your journey(s)? Could had been edited seamlessly and easily these days…LOL. Hey, if Mel can cook edit, so can you! Seriously we don’t think anyone remembers Martin Yan, hence you are not likely to find that funny…but we digress. You might have read about our post on drone photography here, guess it will be a little challenging to get that kind of photos with a drone. Perhaps one day there can be an under-water drone that helps divers take photos like the one taken for us (by a diver) in Okinawa of a whale shark.

Finally, the ones who call themselves “travellers” are going to see red on this one. Camera (phone) toting tourists jamming up the streets, not appreciating local culture and norms already creep these folks out. Now, you have an entourage? OMG. Someone’s gonna have a heart attack! LOL.

Would you fork out the $$$ and sign onto these tour packages?

The High life

Ok if you were looking for something sensational like the kind of Kim K life, well oops!

The inspiration for today came from this post by Martin Kelly featuring the basilica of St Francis of Assisi (breathe) captured by drone photography. We were walking along the cobbled stone streets of this hilltop monastery back in the summer of 2001 (not 69 hee…Springsteen fans would appreciate).

In some weeks’ time you will probably chance upon our story about the wanderings we did here in Umbria (when our Italian stories begin), and today we are really focusing on travel from the air.

What’s that?

Today’s drones with mounted cameras capture so much more than they ever did in the past. It has evolved from an almost exclusive club of early adopters to an everyday use item for filming, racing, war, surveying (or surveillance) etc and many more. Today you can buy one off the rack and start flying, unless your government places severe restrictions on where you can set the baby on fire – I mean in the air.

We have something else in mind.

Surf’s up

The high life for us referred to flightseeing experiences either with a fixed wing aircraft (clinical huh) or helicopters. And we have done this in a couple of locations. In Mauritius, we flew over the surf and beautifully manicured sugar plantations.

12 Apostles Flight scenes101
How many left?

We have planted our boots on Mt Tasman and almost frozed in place. And we counted how many apostles are still standing along the great ocean road. Certainly you cannot believe that the canyons of the US southwest were obstacles for us.

Perhaps such flightseeing experiences can be threatened with extinction. It is so much more economical to get your photo fix from a drone. And for as long as you can keep the twirly in the air, you’d likely capture wonderful photography and video. Why fly when you can “pilot” a drone for the same images?

One thing is for sure, you can’t do this with a drone! Ok, Suan was flying to flash the V sign…and believed wholeheartedly she was co-piloting the chopper.

12 Apostles Flight scenes9
Talk about sitting next to the Captain…