Ancient Grecian influence

Now today’s post is a continuation of the journey that commenced when we flew into Denizli from Istanbul. We had just seen cotton castles and legacies of the greeks (here). It was time to drive on down along the coast to see yet more evidence of ancient civilizations that dwelled here a very long time ago.

The featured photo is from Ephesus. We decided not to show the library, since it is such as well known feature. Instead, we have Hadrian’s arch for you. You need to know this, that for the longest time, Hellenist (that’s Greek) culture was dominant as colonies and cities arose all along what is the Turkish coastline. The Greeks supplanted older civilizations and in the next instalment you will read about them.

Back to the city itself.

When you wonder about the city you will truly begin to be amazed at how advanced society was more than 2000 years ago. You will come across water pipes that once brought running water to people’s homes. You will find public baths and latrines, suggesting the city took it upon themselves to ensure hygiene prevailed. And it had such a large amphitheatre that they obviously enjoyed good night life too! Perhaps that’s why St Paul wrote his letters of exhortation?

Does this not make you wonder and want to read about our story here? This was like the cities that never sleep – for that time. Have you been to Ephesus?

A place they call cotton cascades

Actually ‘Cotton Castle’ if we recalled correctly.

Why did they name it as such? Probably because the calcite deposits left behind by flowing thermal waters are as white as snow cotton that is grown in Turkey. And viewed from a distance, the cascade can be imagined as a castle. Ok, it takes quite a lot of imagination to arrive at that we’d be honest. Obviously we ain’t spatially intelligent enough…

Btw, did you know that Turkey is one of the largest cotton producers in the world? That feeds the massive textile industry for which the country is also known for. Some people say that the cotton in Turkey is one of the best in the world (hey they said that too in Egypt). Heheh… never ask a barber if you need a haircut remember?


Since time in memorial there has been folks coming over to bathe and/or soak in the mineral rich waters gushing out forming the cascades. And we are sure you will enjoy it too even if you do not have be naked like the thermal baths of Japan… Read more about it here (not the naked bath, the journey to Pammukale aka “cotton castle”). In case you are wondering, the naked bath one is here.

But it is much more than that. You might read in the link above that we touched quite a few Grecian sites too. And how can that not be? For millenia the greeks have extensively colonized the eastern of anatolia. This was the start of our road trip around the coastline of Turkey. Stay tuned for the next installment.

Until then, have you been to Pammukale? Do you enjoy thermal baths?

Those groovy ancient Egyptians

If you are trekking across the sands of the Sahara, it is quite likely you’d end up walking like an Egyptian. That’s why they invented camel travel!

Not only did we took camel transport, we also traveled on water and in relative comfort and luxury. Definitely recommended.

Yes, the arab spring had created a mess. But its all clearing up now. Never a better time to go when you’d be one of the fewer guests. Help the country recover and see the ancients yourself.

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