Snorkel paradise in Malaysia

We have to start by saying – to get to paradise, it takes hard work. Because while some lucky folks might live in one, most others yearn to get to one. Yeah, the fabled 1%. Not too far away from the little red dot, one can really come to one such paradise. Not that we ourselves aren’t one of them tropical island paradises… just a lot more expensive.

An hour plus or so as the crow plane flies north, one will come up to a tiny cluster of islands on the eastern coast of peninsula Malaysia.

In the way past, it used to be an arduous journey on bus and then across the water to get there. A number of years ago, it was possible to fly like a bird to it. Then it changed again to the original arduous approach. This flip flop is regrettable in our opinion, for our adventures there were both fun filled and sunfilled (if there is such a word).


Our larger neighbour to the north isn’t just a place for cheaper shopping or food. It is so much more than that. For the country is blessed with not just natural resources but also natural beauty. And it is the latter that we sought out when making this journey. Think this was the last time we actually snorkeled and interacted with the fishes. Perhaps it is time to check the goggles are still in one piece.

Do you enjoy getting into the water?

Our Penang stories

As you will know, we have moved away from the table format of sharing our journalog in WP. Too much work and bugs to fix each time to try translating the formats into html to our liking. Also, we’ve stop subscribing to the premium service of WP (waste of money). So, this one’s going to be a link to handprint stories like our earlier one this year to Bangkok.

What is there to do in Penang? Eating of course!

Yeah. On this occasion we determined to stay solely in Georgetown, World heritage site. Staying close to the old town helps. Not really to see the murals (we did) or seek out the old shop houses (that too). Read all about those here. And we did not take the trishaw too, which we recommend you do. If it weren’t for clocking steps for the National steps challenge, we’d be sitting around all the way. But that helped, because it whipped up an appetite.

What did we eat to replenish the lost calories?

Wow. It was all a blur, because we literally moved from one meal to the next. Ok, so that’s exaggerated. It should not surprise that we had the capacity to eat more than usual, since we had been walking…

You will surely need to read it all here to know. Because the link will bring you to all the colors of food we had, and much more! Have you been to Penang?