Sleep well on your journeys

Do you sleep well at night?

Ok, what we meant is – do you have a good rest each night when you are on your travels around the world? Some people say they cannot sleep while flying. Or that they cannot fall into a nice deep sleep in an unfamiliar environment. And it was this article that set us thinking about whether one gets sufficient rest while in one’s journey.

Sure this was more about hotels etc… but some of the tips are quite useful.

Yes there is so much literature out there about the optimal hours of sleep. But obviously with the precious limited vacation time that many have, each day out there will have to be fully harnessed? Surely a few days will not matter?

We think that regardless of whether a journey is for business or leisure, having enough rest is critical. We recall the days when we joined group tours. Oftentimes in that distant past, we get to check into the hotels in the dead of the night. And a typical morning call would be like 6am in the morning. You hardly get a good 5-6 hours of sleep and many a time some will be caught napping on the coach. Imagine that, with the coach driving across the scenic mountains of Norway and you are asleep?

Do you stick to a regime of sleep every night when you travel? Or do you maximize your time exploring and partying away till late? Which is the better way?

Our Penang stories

As you will know, we have moved away from the table format of sharing our journalog in WP. Too much work and bugs to fix each time to try translating the formats into html to our liking. Also, we’ve stop subscribing to the premium service of WP (waste of money). So, this one’s going to be a link to handprint stories like our earlier one this year to Bangkok.

What is there to do in Penang? Eating of course!

Yeah. On this occasion we determined to stay solely in Georgetown, World heritage site. Staying close to the old town helps. Not really to see the murals (we did) or seek out the old shop houses (that too). Read all about those here. And we did not take the trishaw too, which we recommend you do. If it weren’t for clocking steps for the National steps challenge, we’d be sitting around all the way. But that helped, because it whipped up an appetite.

What did we eat to replenish the lost calories?

Wow. It was all a blur, because we literally moved from one meal to the next. Ok, so that’s exaggerated. It should not surprise that we had the capacity to eat more than usual, since we had been walking…

You will surely need to read it all here to know. Because the link will bring you to all the colors of food we had, and much more! Have you been to Penang?

Cat in a bag

Wow. The things that they keep coming up with. You know animals have rights too (to some folks and not all). You cannot simply keep your pets in shabby conditions (absolutely agree). Afterall, it is part of your responsibility when you have a pet. But what about pampering your pet?

Now if you want to give your little kitty a view as you lug it around, perhaps buy one of these bags (here). Can you imagine buying this bag for your cat? It ain’t cheap btw and we spoke with one owner as we waited for the taxi one day.

But today we are not focused on getting the bag. Or the cat.

Well, ok sort of related. We are talking about folks bringing their pets with them on a journey. Did you know that as many as 56% of US pet owners have driven their dogs around at least once a month? Sure the regular visit to the vet is important, but quite some bring their pets with them on a road trip. Does the image of a dog sticking its head out of the window tongue drooling pop in your head?

How about air travel? Now that’s less frequent (phew) but still at 6% is quite high. Imagine this percentage of the 78+ million dogs in the US getting on a plane every year. Did the math in your head? Remember our piece on emotional support animals? Some of them actually have jobs too you will know. Which do you think is easier to bring along? The cat? Or the dog?

Do you have a pet? Have your brought it with you on a road trip or onto a plane?

Milanese Chic

The definition of being chic is to be stylish and elegant. Many a blogger out there have combined their travel stories with their OOTD. And nowhere have you gotta do this more in the city of Milan. Why?

Simply because it is a fashion capital that not only rivals its peers but also boasts of being a key sartorial hub.

Heheh… new word… Sartorial, NOT satirical. In case you are wondering about this new word yet again, it refers to the art of tailoring. Yeah we do research a little for our posts… For you see, fashion is not just on the drawing board (well computers these days), but also in the actual making of the outfit. While it may appear great on sketch, it might be less so in real life. So the tailor brings a sketch design to life, so to speak. No runway model will ever don a sketch…

Oh man that’s deep. What’s gotten into us recently?

Because we (ie Mel) came here on occasion for business when we lived in Holland, we had the good fortune to combine it with leisure. And it was definitely a city that Suan misses a lot, for she was truly at home in the boutiques that line the shopping streets of the city. Like they were everywhere in the city. It appeared like an infestation! Though Mel would not be too bothered to return since he had a bad experience. Wanna know what it was? Why not read all about that here?

Have you been to Milan? What did you like about the capital of fashion? Are you a fashionista?

Under the sunny Tuscan Sun

Heheh… inspiration for this title from somewhere… though we modified it a little. Like Xiaomi with the Mi-Pad… So you all know about Tuscany right? We assume that you know while Italy is said to be the country where the renaissance sprang forth, it was really in the city of Florence where the engines apparently were. Ok so debate with us about that…

For you see the Tuscan sun appeared to have set off a spark.

This spark ignited first a small fire. A fiery passion for learning and discovery. From which grew the vines of institutions, established by hot blooded patrons (read Medicis). It might be callous to say that it is obvious, but it should be. For this melange of talented & machiavellian individuals, powerful political patrons in a period of economic resurgence helped transform and propel medieval Europe out of her slumber towards the modern age. Of course a lot of money and power helped.

Waah. Chim siah = deep huh? Suppose we are in knee deep of ink water (墨水) today. For red dotters, don’t be ‘stunned like vegetable’ ok? Heheh…

This was the final leg of our round-the-boot tour of Italy from many a year back (here). And it was go…ood (try pulling and emphasizing this). For it had led us to the beautiful cities of Florence, Siena and Pisa. Yes we helped to hold up the leaning tower with our bare hands (and eye power), imagined riding the horses on the Palio and pretended to have made some sketches with Leonardo (not the turtle).

Did you not do any of that when you were there? In Tuscany we mean. What were you doing then?

P.S: Happy all fools day! Enjoy spoofing one another!

Warping through time in Italy

There are certainly many many corners of Italy that we’ve yet to touch. And we had hoped to cover as much ground as possible being part of a group tour that drove south towards Naples and eventually back up towards Venice.

This is a recount of one part of that journey. One that took us so tantalizingly close to the southern half of Italy that we’ve sworn since then to return. Only to have deferred it repeatedly because the siren call of so many other destinations put us into a trance of sort, preventing us from getting back to Italy. Well, maybe we did get back a few times… Anyway the point is; Italy is a land where one can truly “see” in time warp. Who knows what you might find there amidst the Roman era ruins. Perhaps erotic art? Does that prick you interest?

What do we mean?

Well you know that Rome was the seat of the mighty Roman civilization. Now that’s ancient. Would you also know that Italy was the home birthplace of the renaissance? Despite not being a unified country for almost 1385 years (if we use fall of Rome in 476AD as a start point), it produced some of the most acclaimed artists, scientists and humanists of Europe during that time.

Why not join us in this recount, as we share with you our journey from Rome to Naples (Napoli for Italianos) and its beautiful environs. One that will make you wish you could quit your job and become a traveler (wanna get certified?). Would you if you could?