Secret Travels, travel secrets?

Well not all “high end” travel is about luxury. In so many blog posts there are stories of how fanciful the lounges are and how the dining blows you off your feet. But sometimes high end travel is about privacy and discreteness.

This article to us suggests that if you speedy immigration clearance, solitude and/or true exclusivity is what you are after, then opt for a VIP suite experience.

Yeah, the lounges may not be a smorgasbord of fine dining and there might not be showers with Bvlgari shampoo. But the truly super rich (if they don’t have a plane to call their own), would probably be in such private suites and whisked aboard planes without the need to interact with the plebian folks at the airport terminal.

You see, for these folks the transportation part of the journey is probably not the most exciting for them – as it may be for us. While we relish and plan in advance on getting to the airport on time, perhaps crashing in the use of a lounge with all that free food, drinks and wifi etc, these folks simply want to get it over with. If teleporation exists you can bet these folks would be first in line…ok after extensive safety tests…

For some of us, it is indeed the destination that is more important than the journey. Some people sleep it through, others become insomniac. Unless you are in an elite class of travel, you are more than likely to enjoy the transportation part of the journey less..

Is your destination more important than the journey?