Thundering into Hungary

The reason we used the world ‘thundering’ is because the country’s name would suggest a connection to the Huns. Now you might not be a fan of history, but let us tell you that these folks (the Huns) were known as ferocious horse pack warriors that literally struck deep into Europe during the end of the Roman era in the 5th century.

Their arrival signed the collapse of the Roman empire in western Europe and heralded in an age of “darkness” (hence the dark ages) when there was little or no political stability let alone social and personal safety.

But today the lands that are called Hungary is inhabited by the descendent of the Magyar tribes. Some try to link them to the Finns and Estonians, but apparently the languages are not mutually intelligible. And it became part of one of the largest European empire : Austro-Hungarian empire of the Habsburgs.

We “thundered” into Budapest in a quieter fashion, making a cue for the medieval constructs in Buda before taking a cruise on the Danube and settling in Pest. For the river divides both sides of the city today, when just about 140 years ago they were two. Enjoy the café culture of the city, and let the cool vibe of the city sink in. That’s what we did. Read all about it here. So much has changed since the time we were there.

Did you enjoy your time in Budapest? And if you had still been, would you be tempted to do so?

A bohemian experience

Heheh… what would be a bohemian experience? To be a bohemian means to be living an unconventional lifestyle. Usually this is associated with the arts (literary or not) or spiritual. So are we referring to this today?

Well no.

Simply because that would be a topic too complex for us un-bohemian folks. For we do not subscribe to a lifestyle that defies standard definitions. Oh boring us… heheh. For this describes our journey to the Czech republic, specifically to the historical Bohemia part of it that Prague is located. It is such a beautiful city and we can only exhort you to take a look at the grainy pictures we have in this little essay here.

Did you read the article?

Well to pique your interest further, let us tell you that part of the story of Bohemia is intertwined with the story of another family aside from the Habsburgs. Did you read our piece on micro states of Europe? One of them mentioned Liechtenstein. And in Bohemia will one find connections that link the modern day princely family back to medieval times.

Have you been to the Czech republic or Prague? We did not rub the statue of St John on Charles bridge. Ironically, it could be what we did not do that takes us back to the city! Have you rubbed the statue? Do you think it will ensure you return to the city?

Cruising the polar regions

Well climate change is probably here. Set aside the arguments for a while. The ice is melting faster and earlier in the polar regions. And nowhere is that more evident than the arctic where more shipping activity has been taking place of late.

If the article here is to be taken as a reference, it would appear that the waters of the arctic is likely to see regular cruising by tourists and transport of cargo within the next few years. You know, there had already been container ships making that journey to test out how much time is saved to transport goods between Asia and Europe.

It is known that arctic ice reaches its minimum every September. And using that as a benchmark measurements have concluded that the amount of ice remaining has declined by 13% over a period of 30 years measured from 1980. And it seems to be a trend too. Might not be too far into the future that low lying regions of the world start to see the effects of the sea swamping over them. Coastlines will change and some places will be lost forever. Seafront real estate owners beware! Heheh.

We know this will cause concerns and heartaches to some. And it pains us too. Unfortunately climate change is here to stay it appears. Whether the activities of humankind is the main cause is no longer the debate to us. Because instead of pointing fingers it is time to do something. Climate change may open up a new travel routes, but it comes with a price.

What will you do about it?

Taking an Air Cruise?

Once again it’s time to recap what’s going on with trends in travel. From this article, what caught our eye was Uber private jetting (wonder how recent developments with them will be though). Yep, you read that right. This sharing economy is really taking off (no pun intended).

But the icing on the cake really was the section of the post that suggests there are folks who would gun for taking round the world (well not all the way round) air cruises. Huh? You might recall that we wrote (here) about the nostalgic days of air travel in the 1950s and 1960s. Back in the day a journey from say Australia to the UK could take several days, even by flight. And what journey did the passengers have? Why they had stopovers where they’d be checked into hotels before making the onward journey flight.

Seems like this form of travel is making a come back!

So who says one cannot do a cruise with planes? It will not be the plane being in the air for the entire duration of a week, but surely as cruise ships dock at ports the planes can do the same (not the seaport lah)? And it has always been our prediction that some day, airships will come back in vogue not as transportation but as pleasure crafts. It’s a matter of time.

We predict that within the next 10 years, air cruising will become affordable to the masses as sea cruises are. When that becomes a reality, will you be one of the first to jump in the air?

Miami fun machine

Heheh… a spin on the pop group. Gloria should be proud we hope, since she and Emilio both hail from that city. Located in a warm climate, the city has the sun, the sand and the sea for folks to Conga to. Yep. You will read a lot of reference to their songs in this post. Take you time and read slowly or the Rhythm’s Goanna Get You.

Happy Labour day for those who celebrate. We do!

Lest you think it is only Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Boys that roam Miami beach, well let us knock you socks off. WE did that too. In Hawaiian Five-O style… oops wrong beach. But is there more than the beach as they show in CSI?

Of course there are plenty to do in Miami to Get On Your Feet, or in the water. Such as making a drive all the way to the keys. Technically it is not Miami, but hey! You need a base to start from right ok? And Suan certainly did not win the splashing water fight with the dolpins. Got you curious yet?

There is so much to do in Miami. Let’s not have Words Get In The Way… Read here to find out what we did!  How many songs from the pop group can you spot in this post?

Continuing to the frigid north

In this post, we proceed to share with you our journey that eventually brought us to the northernmost state of the union, of the US that is. Now the place that our cruise ended was not in Anchorage but in the port of Seward, so that was still some distance away.

However, before we made landfall we still had two stops to make. And this is the subject of part 2 to our journey to Alaska.

Have you tried to go see whales only to be disappointed? Well, this seemed to be third time unlucky for us. Unless you count seeing the flukes many hundreds of meters away as a successful sighting. We assume you know what that means. But not so for some very fortunate kayakers though! But the reason we still had it good was the fact we took a flightseeing tour.

You can only imagine (well click on the above link and see) the beauty of the view from up in the air. You know, the issue is real. Climate change that is. Whether it’s warming or cooling is not the focus for us, but the fact it is changing the face of vast ice fields. You might have read recently (well a few months back) about a large chunk of coastal ice breaking off from Antarctica?

We all need to do the little we can to contribute – ie not add as the word suggests, but to help conserve. Practice the 3Rs and true minimalism in our opinion. Too much talk about all these have been going on, time to actually walk it.