The great northern journey

Finally. We’ve made it. Yep we are finally on terra firma of the most northerly state of the US. It had been a week at sea and we were so excited to finally get to the frontier state. And we started off with a flight further northwards to the city of Fairbanks.

Was it fair?

Well yes! Because we had wonderful weather, though for folks such as we the temperatures were still a wee on the low side. So you will see us still in coats and sweater though the weather appears to be sunny or downright blazing hot. Yeah, photos can be deceiving aren’t they? Plus the frivolous change of weather within the space of minutes an hour can literally leave you frozen stiff.


This journey was fantastic as it was short – just 5 days. But it was definitely well spent. Particularly on the food. Because we had more than our quota of the delightful Alaskan King Crabs throughout the journey. Sick or not (yeah Suan was down a little on day 1 & 2), we weren’t going to deprive our gut of the delish delicacy. To the point that our tour mates were literally amazed, or perhaps aghast…

Heheh. It was not all food of course. And from more native American cultural appreciation, experiencing an earthquake, to wild life sightings, we did it all again. In our essay here, we asked if Alaska is the last frontier. We hope you had an opportunity to read it.

What do you think? Is it the last vestiges of a wild north?

Continuing to the frigid north

In this post, we proceed to share with you our journey that eventually brought us to the northernmost state of the union, of the US that is. Now the place that our cruise ended was not in Anchorage but in the port of Seward, so that was still some distance away.

However, before we made landfall we still had two stops to make. And this is the subject of part 2 to our journey to Alaska.

Have you tried to go see whales only to be disappointed? Well, this seemed to be third time unlucky for us. Unless you count seeing the flukes many hundreds of meters away as a successful sighting. We assume you know what that means. But not so for some very fortunate kayakers though! But the reason we still had it good was the fact we took a flightseeing tour.

You can only imagine (well click on the above link and see) the beauty of the view from up in the air. You know, the issue is real. Climate change that is. Whether it’s warming or cooling is not the focus for us, but the fact it is changing the face of vast ice fields. You might have read recently (well a few months back) about a large chunk of coastal ice breaking off from Antarctica?

We all need to do the little we can to contribute – ie not add as the word suggests, but to help conserve. Practice the 3Rs and true minimalism in our opinion. Too much talk about all these have been going on, time to actually walk it.

Towards frigid wild north

Ok so we did not go on this journey when it was winter. But it was still cold for us, tropical folks high up (in latitude terms) in search of the northern most state of the US. Yes we are talking about Alaska.

Here’s the start of our US Series.

Halfway in this series we will take a break and Segway back to Europe for a while. Why? Because we say so. Ok so there is a reason for it. That way, we don’t take too long to bring our European handprint stories to the blog.

But before we dive deep into Alaska, we had to make our way there. Now most people fly, but we decided to go by sea. Not swimming but by cruise. And a reasonably luxurious one too where we stopped and got off as we wished. In this segment, we chronicled our start from the British Columbian city of Vancouver and made 3 stops along the way.

From appreciation of native American culture to visiting a glacier, we did it all. And we also saw the region from which the old gold prospectors would have gazed upon full of hope to strike it rich that one time. Some did, but the ones that truly got wealthy were the ones who provided the means for which these mineral seekers to embark on their journey. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Don’t understand what we refer to?

It was a fascinating journey for us, and we are sure it will be for you too. Part I begins here.