Out of place seating

In our journeys, we love to look out of the plane window and awe in the sight of take off/landing or simply the landscape and cloudscape outside. So when this article at the Huffington suggested that the seats on the plan are designed not always to align with the windows, we had to check it out.

If you read the article, it quoted “frequent flyers” suggesting the left side of the plane offering more ‘head room’ to lean against. The idea is about getting some sleep that way… That seems to suggest the seats are not aligned next to the windows.

Best one we can find on the web…

Now you’d need to discern between airlines and aircraft models. Even within the Boeing or Airbus families there will be differences. Moreover, airlines dictate how the configurations of seat rows will be. And where to place the toilets and attendants’ working area.

If there is one more thing to note, it will be that at the tailend the seats may be angled due to the curvature of the plane chassis. Again this is dependent on the aircraft model and configuration. You might have airlines choosing to place all the toilets at the back end. That could render all seat rows to be equal.

For us, the reason for having the window seat is to be able to look out of it. And to capture ocassionally a beautiful vista that only a bird’s eye view can afford. Don’t you just love looking at the cloud formations when flying in the daytime? How about the sunrise/sunset with changing hues? While we have not mastered how to take better pictures of cities from the window, looking at the lights emanating from them makes us wonder about what folks are doing at home on the ground.

Have you notice that your airplane seat is not aligned with the window?

Fly the friendly skies?

Well. Not so friendly afterall huh?

Oh gosh there were soooo many more satiricals and critiques on the web. You just need to do a search in Google and click on images tab.

Ok we will stop beating United.Hospitality.jpg

The point of this quick post this evening is the spotlight on the frequent overbooking taking place. Many a reason had been pro-offered for doing so. Yes we know in this incident the flight was actually NOT overbooked according to latest reports. But we are not specifically discussing about this occurrence.

You recall we had dumb travel luck right? Again it was due to overbooking. So this is not the sole domain of airlines in the west. The issue at hand was how the overbooking was managed.

Wouldn’t it had been the procedure to prevent passengers from checking into the flight instead of removing them from one? That is, if the flight was truly overbooked, or in this case a few seats were required to transport airline staff. Whatever the reasons. Did the requirement to send staff came last minute? That last minute? Wow.

Some folks haved call this Brand suicide for the airline.

We think they’d not likely be the only one. Just the first in a line of ill(ustrious ) airlines to be caught with its pants down. If you were ‘chosen’ to be removed from a flight after you had checked-in and properly seated in the aircraft, what would your reaction be?

Flying alone

I feel compelled to write this after reading two times in a row of flights with only a single passenger!

According to Yahoo!, this lady had decided to wait for her delayed flight eventhough most of the other passengers had made alternative arrangements. You know at this time of the year, there are literally millions of Chinese making their way home for the lunar new year holidays. It is the largest migratory flow on the planet (yes it dwarves the wilderbeests etc in Africa…). The featured image says it all, and it is only at one of the train stations in China!

See the scale of China and India in population terms?

So there was that unusually cold snap that hit most of north Asia last week (where it apparently snowed in Guangzhou), and the flight was delayed 10 hours! Now you would think most folks would give up but apparently not this lady! Anyhow, this is yet another incident where flights continue even when there is only 1 passenger. But then, I think the plane would have flown even if there none!

How else would the plane be picking passengers at the other end? When I was in the shipping industry, this was called “empty repositioning”. We used to move empty containers from locations of surplus to places where exporters needed them. I guess the planes need to be repositioned as well. Duh?

Back to the lady on her “charter” flight. It was interesting in the article that when she shared her experience, someone commented that she was still not upgraded! LOL!!! BTW, if you are delayed for more than a certain number of hours, travel insurance should kick in. Just be sure you are well covered!

So next time when you have a severe flight delay, maybe you should consider waiting it out???

Sunday Reading

Some interesting bites of information today in the Singapore Straits times travel section:

  1. Singapore Airlines increasing flights. Bangkok is having an additional flight that departs 5:30pm. Great stuff! More options to stay later in the city and yet get back to Singapore at a decent time.
  2. Old medieval town in the Florentine region (most people call it Tuscany). There are numerous such hilltop villages all over Italy, France and Spain. Mostly built for the folks of the middle ages to fend off invaders. We write about them too in our newsletters! Here’s a photo of St. Emilion in the southwest of France.St Emilion
  3. The article on Kenya is an interesting one. While it is not on the bucket list, it certainly is a very inviting adventure. At more than S$56,000 for a party of 4 (which works out to ~S$14,000 per person), it is not your “normal” annual vacation.  Nice, but out of reach for most.

The article on giving your photos a good caption is an interesting one. It really depends on the message or view point that one wishes to convey. Afterall, everyone looks at the world in a different way.

While we have not been to Guangzhou, we have heard of the colonial landmarks that were left behind by the British and French in the 19th century after China lost the opium wars. We can find legacy of those times in many major cities across China – Dalian, Shanghai just to name a few.

A good read for a Sunday morning.