The Long Journey Q2-17

Salutations to all ex-colleagues and friends,

Time flies when you are having fun, someone said. Don’t know who did, but that person sure was a genius who said it. Because it’s true. You know there are days that seem so long that the seconds feel like hours? Well, the exact opposite is true when you are on the move!

In the last three months, we’ve gone on a culinary overload in Thailand and a mini road trip along the northern coast of Japan. On both journeys we were blessed with good weather and smooth travel. For five consecutive months since last October we had been on the move each month. Time to recuperate. LOL!

We are still trying to finalize when we can touch Petra and how…It’s coming soon to summer and all advisers we sought recommend not being there when it is at the height of the heat. Sigh. How now brown cow? Watch this space! On the other hand it seems Cuba could be coming closer than we originally thought! Well, never give up! Persevere and we shall prevail.

In any case here’s our latest newsletter: The Long Journey Q2-2017. Until next time,

Good Health

Safe Travels

Stay Positive!

The Long Journey Q1-17

Happy New Year! It’s 2017.

Dear friends, ex-colleagues,

Can you imagine that? Barely one year ago, we started this blog. And we also begun to place our quarterly newsletter here instead of sending the PDF file out to you. What was the original intent? Well to be terribly honest, it was to drive some readership traffic to this blog in its infancy. LOL.

So what’s up?

Finally did a road trip in Thailand (driving that is). Now that was a real milestone, which means…we’ll do this all over the rest of the country as well! And a new corner of Korea has been touched – Busan! We can almost compare the two cities (Seoul & Busan) to Tokyo vs Osaka. Perhaps not a fair comparison to some, but that’s our 2 cents! And rushing out this post today, we have just returned from the biting cold of Harbin 3 days ago! Fingers still twitching…

Read our latest newsletter here: The Long Journey Q1-2017.

It’s time to make some travel resolutions for 2017. What will yours be? For us, we intend to:

  • Touch Petra, Jordan
  • Walk arond Havana, Cuba
  • Do a drive around Hua Hin

Wish us luck (please?). For now this will do, as we cannot commit too much since these are already ambitious touch points. We are looking forward to a travel filled 2017! Hope you will too!

Phuket Journalog, here we go!

It has been almost a month since we did the fantastic road trip in Phuket. Well, more like daily drive excursions, cos’ we were not moving from one location to another. Oh how time flies!

We’ve been on the road since that time as well, thus the journalog has been slow in being completed. As you know, Mel does not like to cut up the journey into separate posts by the day! Besides, we do have a life aside from blogging which we can say is far from not exciting!

So in hindsight, would we have done our road trip any differently?

Yes indeed!! We would have rented the car from day one that we arived in Phuket and expanded our range well outside of the island to Phang-Nga and possibly even towards Krabi! Because all in, it’s within a 100km radius. Perhaps when we return to Phuket in a few years, we could consider that.

And now, we present out road trip to Phuket: here.

Enjoy! And give us your comments. May you have exceedingly good ideas on how to squeeze the most out of your time on this island that some may consider paradise!

The Long Journey Q4-16

How time flies. Three quarters of the year gone. Like they say in the corporate boardrooms, ¾ is as good as the business year being over!

Well not for us (and we are sure you too).

Read our latest newsletter here: The Long Journey Q4-2016.

It has not been that much of travel in the last three months except for a short coma that we experienced from the food that we feverishly wolfed down like true gluttons. In Taiwan that is. Hotter and just as humid as Singapore at that time of the year (July), the sweltering heat really got on to us…but we made do and adjusted. The journalogs will come soon, after we complete the stories on what to see & do in Holland.

On the other hand, having more time to spend in Singapore meant that we can look closer at what we have in our own backyard. And we have to say – there’s actually quite a lot! From wild life (not the binge drinking kind) to architectural delights, foreign visitors should not need just three days to see the island! Best of all, it’s free for Singaporeans, and in some cases free for all to enjoy too.

We are looking to an exciting final 3 months of the year with a journey planned for each month. Sure will be busy and we hope you are too!

The count down to the end of 2016 begins…

The Long Journey Q3-16

To our friends and ex-colleagues who used to get this by email.

In the apparent blink of an eye, it is now halfway into 2016. Definitely one year older now, cannot deny that! Oh how much we have done in the last 3 months, especially the month of May’s very intensive travel schedule. Well it was for both business and pleasure, so nothing to complain about.

We know you all have busy lives too, and the recent ‘big G alumni’ get-together was fun! Perhaps we can expand this grouping to yet more people who had been in different functions while working in the big G! Or perhaps set up a formal alumni?

Click here for our latest newsletter : The Long Journey Q3-2016.

For other readers who view this page, you may find that the Dubai article is slightly different and less detailed than the travel handprint story here. Well, different only in choice of words and semantics perhaps.

So what’s up? For sure one thing we’ll be doing is to post journalogs of Russia where we spent just 8 days on Moscow and St Petersburg. It’s almost like taking two short city breaks but really fun not having to make your own arrangements while being chaperoned everywhere. Package tour organized meals have historically been low in the level of standard in our experience, but with some free days to take your own meal we really did get the “real” taste of Russia.

Then there were the journeys to the bay area and then NJ. We even saw some pre 4th July fireworks!

Until next time, take care and safe travels!

The Long Journey Q2-16

It is now a couple of months into the lunar year of the monkey. So far, the playful celestial primate has wrecked some havoc to the financial markets just. I guess the message is – volatility. We really live in interesting times!

Click here to open our latest newsletter : The Long Journey Q2-2016.

The featured image of this post pretty much sums up the highlight of these first three months – the annual pilgrimage to Japan! There is just so much to say about the trip that there is not enough space in the newsletter. Our own travelogue for the trip ran into 33 pages! We are now working on truncating the original versions of our travel logs and share these journeys. Watch out for them!

From culinary delights both in Tokyo and in the rural country, to basking in beautiful weather with Mount Fuji in the backdrop, we had a wonderful journey. And Valentine’s day (called ‘red’ day in Japan) was full of surprises for us too. To top it off, we redeemed a pair of tickets to fly Suites on SQ for the return trip from Tokyo to Singapore. Melvin is now many miles ‘poorer’, but it’s a bucket list item that we also ticked plus it is as good as they say it is.

We have managed to book our Russia trip! This 9-day journey with a group of 20+ others will take place in the 3rd week of May. Finally we are placing pins on the eastern edges of the map of Europe. Exotic!

Until the next issue, safe travels and take care. Watch out for more posts here at this blog…and please give us your comments on the posts!