Beautiful southwestern US

We are very sure you have heard of the Grand Canyon. Afterall, with so many blog posts sharing with you what you can see, it would be pointless for us to add to in the form of a post. So we have decided to let you take your pick on what to read.

Did you recall the movie the Wild Wild West? Imagine riding that big spider ‘walking’ through monument valley’s mesa. Oh how we enjoy our stop there! You can drive into it around a circuit. Just remember that the roads are not only dusty but also tough to negotiate. Best with a SUV…

We did a fun road trip that spanned about 5000km or just over 3000 miles from Las Vegas to the south rim and rounding over the top via Moab. Read all about it here. Now if there is any advise we can dispense it would be to keep your rental fully stocked when getting out there. And that means gas (for the car not us) and water (for us not the car). Other than that, get your accommodations sorted if not camping under the stars…

Moab was base for a couple of days and we sprang to nearby Canyonland NP (here) and dead horse point state park. And we finally managed to touch Antelope Canyon (here) after an arduous morning’s drive dash.

Doesn’t this make you yearn to plan for a road trip like we did? If you did it, which parts were the one(s) you’d shout out about the most?

Viva Las Vegas indeed!

What happened in Vegas has to stay in Vegas right? Well yeah. Kinda set you off on a visual imagination of what can be doesn’t it? Just what would have to happen for it to not leave with you…

Now we are not gamblers. In fact, we detest it.

To be honest we expected more. The movies portrayed the casinos to be full of beautiful suave men and sculpted women. The blinking lights in the movies appear brighter and sparkles. To us the actual gambling sites were a little less glitzier than we envisioned. And we could not even find a nickel machine to try our hand! Because they seem occupied day and night.

So why would we spend a whole week – ie full 7 days in Las Vegas? Because there is definitely more to gambling and the flutter of the heart in sin city. Dodging ‘body snatchers’, seeking out free stuff to see and do, gourging on food, shopping and the bright lights… do you recall Percy being lost in the Lotus casino in the movie ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief‘? This city might do the same to you.

Especially if time is not of an essence to you.

Read up here on what we did in Vegas that did not stay there! Did anything happen with you that needs to stay in Vegas? Oops. Did we ask you to share a secret?

Biting pieces of the Apple

There are many blogs and essays on the web about New York City. Plus the instagram photos, snapchat etc. We’ve been privileged to have been to the city quite a number of times over the last many years. But like they say, sometimes you don’t cherish what you have around you, that you see everyday…

Our story on the big Apple is really about some of the differences between when we first visited and recent years. This piece here shares that with you. And since there are so many places and things to describe, we thought we’d separate them into “bite sized” chunks for your to chew on.

What is there to see in each part of town? Well here’s our take:

  • Down Town is so busy! Aside from the finance district, it is also a jump-off point to liberty island, read all about it here.
  • Mid Town is all about skyscrapers it seems. So it should not be surprising to know that our take here on this section of the city would focus on them!
  • Up Town for us has largely been central park. But it is not the only attraction, though today for us it still is. Read all about our exploration of the largest green corridor of the city here.

We are sure you’ve got your own NYC stories to share. What would it be?

Home of the power rangers

Heheh… imagine your congressman in those colorful tights. And those fancy looking face helmets too. Plus the ‘weapons’ they would be wielding striking a pose whenever they are about to dispense with their power rays votes in congress. They would look like clowns wouldn’t they? We assume you know who the power rangers are…

The seat of power has always attracted the moneyed classes. And it would not be any different here in the district of Columbia. Massive emblems of state power had been raised. No effort lost in building a magnificent capital filled with monuments, free museums and administrative buildings. Running a country is big business you’ll know.

And all of these were built from scratch on a patch of land that was neither a settlement nor a strategically held location. Did you know why this location was chosen to construct the capital of the world’s sole military superpower?

We spent a day rummaging through many of the sights on a rainy day. Tried to touch the moon rock, did not stay long enough for the museum to come ‘alive’. Awed by the statues of heroes long past while munching lunch on the go. However decided not to join the protesters in front of the White house.

Reminisce with us here on our short stay in the capital of power. Where would you spend the most time if you were here?

Miami fun machine

Heheh… a spin on the pop group. Gloria should be proud we hope, since she and Emilio both hail from that city. Located in a warm climate, the city has the sun, the sand and the sea for folks to Conga to. Yep. You will read a lot of reference to their songs in this post. Take you time and read slowly or the Rhythm’s Goanna Get You.

Happy Labour day for those who celebrate. We do!

Lest you think it is only Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Boys that roam Miami beach, well let us knock you socks off. WE did that too. In Hawaiian Five-O style… oops wrong beach. But is there more than the beach as they show in CSI?

Of course there are plenty to do in Miami to Get On Your Feet, or in the water. Such as making a drive all the way to the keys. Technically it is not Miami, but hey! You need a base to start from right ok? And Suan certainly did not win the splashing water fight with the dolpins. Got you curious yet?

There is so much to do in Miami. Let’s not have Words Get In The Way… Read here to find out what we did!  How many songs from the pop group can you spot in this post?

Escape from LA

We are sure you remember there was a movie with the same name. The actor in the lead was Kurt Russell, playing the role of the hero saving not just the dame in distress (was she ever?) but also the world… That, dear friends was in 1996. Yes! We are back to our US series.

Did we try to escape from LA in that year?

Well no. That was just the setting to draw some curiosity towards this post. For you see, we were only in Los Angeles for a very short time before getting out of it towards Peru. As you can imagine, the excitement was all about getting to touch south America. Hence we believe you’d understand that we could not wait to ‘escape from LA’.

Did we see and do anything while in LA? Of course we did over the 10 hours that we wre in transit. We saw the mandatory signboard that says Hollywood (though did not take pictures). As if we didn’t know we were there… And we sautered the walk of fame as if we were celebrities in our own right – with our mysteriously large sunglasses on. Did not buy anything along Rodeo drive but we did spend time by Santa Monica strolling along the beach.

Some day we will be back. But for now this is all we did. Read here for what we went up to with just 10 hours in LA? When was the last time you were there in lala land?