The MRT series – Joo Koon (EW29)

From hereon, the industrial ‘heartland’ begins. Of course that sounds more dramatic than it truly is, but it is really this station that starts to mainly serve industries located in this western part of our little island.

We cannot lie that there are exciting stuff to do here… but there is a large Hypermarket. Does that prick your interest?

This is also the place to get to the Singapore Discovery center and Army museum (link). It is not an attraction in the normal sense. More like a place for Singaporeans to know the Singapore story in a national education setting. With some fun, games and media of course thrown in. For red dotters it is free, so why not?

←Pioneer (EW28)

→Gul Circle (EW30)

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The MRT series – Pioneer (EW28)

Heheh… what a name. Probably because it was such a new place to build a station they could only come up with this name. And most folks can be forgiven if they think there is nothing of note here.

But that is not true. Because barely 200m away from the station one will find one of the markers of the defunct Nanyang University (南洋大学). That was the only Chinese university established in 1955 outside of mainland China and Taiwan. If one is interested in more about this heritage institution, one can visit the Chinese heritage center (link) in present day NTU.

←Boon Lay (EW27)

→Joo Koon (EW29)

Part of the MRT series here.

The MRT series – Boon Lay (EW27)

A very rich man owned a lot of plantations here… and no surprise he had the name this area and station is named. Mr Chew Boon Lay was a businessman and he owned lots of land around here for plantations. What did he cultivate? Rubber. For that was a very lucrative cash crop riding on the wave of consumption sweeping the west with the advent of automobiles.

Today Boon Lay has been transformed. For in addition to serving a hinterland of housing estates, it serves also a greater industrial zone that stretches much further west. In addition, the nation’s second University is also in the vicinity (well a little far to walk) and the bird park is still a few bus stops away.

And the mall next to the station? It has streets that mimic Hong Kong and Osaka!

←Lakeside (EW26)

→Pioneer (EW28)

Part of the MRT series here.

The MRT series – Lakeside (EW26)

Located at the north western edge of Jurong lake, this station and its precincts enjoy beautiful sunrises over the waters every clear morning. In the past, Mel would pack a 10km run from home here, circling around the lake and into Chinese/Japanese gardens on the way home. Sigh.

But that has since been curtailed with the revamp that the lakeside has been undergoing since 2017. Promising to be even better experiences for the public, Mel is looking excited forward to this upgrade of facilities.

Did you know that like many of the other reservoirs, one can partake in water sports in Jurong lake too? That’ why we say the residents around the lake are so fortunate. Not only do they have beautiful sunrises, but also a large recreation space right at their doorstep!

←Chinese Garden (EW25)

→Boon Lay (EW27)

Part of the MRT series here.

The MRT series – Chinese Garden (EW25)

Remember we wrote about the gardens here? Well, this post is not to repeat any of that, but to draw the fact that this gardens was more than simply a place for public enjoyment. Did you know it was also often used as a film set?

You see, our little red dot does not have much real estate to devoted to film arts particularly if the setting was in say ancient China. So the TV serials had to find places beyond studio sets for outdoor filming. Plus, it is too expensive to bring the entire cast to China for the filming. LOL.

So along with little Guilin (remember the Bukit Gombak post?) local sites were used. How do we know? Heheh… because Suan was a cultural dancer who often performed in the background!

←Jurong East (EW24)

→Lakeside (EW26)

Part of the MRT series here.

The MRT series – Jurong East (EW24)

Remember this post? That was the first of our MRT series post from 5-Jan of this year. It has been 11 months since. Wow, we’ve come full circle. Since there has already been a post about the station and its environs, no point repeating.

Instead, we look to the future for precincts around this station.

The planners up high have chosen this area to be the next central business district. At least that’s what has been shaping up with both the construction of homes and office towers. Combine that with the MRT line and the future terminus of the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur high speed rail, wow surely this will be a bustling place.

We hope so. At least for the folks who bought condos in the area expecting property prices to skyrocket and easily rented out… Care to pay this place a visit?

←Clementi (EW23)

→Chinese Garden (EW25)

Part of the MRT series here.