The MRT series – City Hall (NS25)

One of the most historical sections of the city, there is so much to see and do here. For example there is the National Gallery (here), the City Hall, Chijmes, St Andrews’s Cathedral, the Padang and much much more at this major interchange station with the East West Line (EWL)…

For a long time this was the administrative centre of the colonial government. And upon independence was the place where national day was celebrated with pomp and pageantry of marching soldiers, bands etc. It is both historic and touristic and definitely one of the places most visitors touch when they come to our little red dot. Go beyond the glitzy malls and glass buildings, for there is so much more to see and do!

Dhoby Ghaut (NS24)

Raffles Place (NS26)

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The MRT series – Dhoby Ghaut (NS24)

Do you know what a Dhobi is? You see, in the late 1800s, washermen from India used water from a stream here to launder clothes. So the name stuck. Today it is not just part of the prime district but also an interchange to the Circle and Northeast lines. And did you know our little red dot’s Presidential palace is nearby? Read all about our sharing of the Istana here!

One thing though. You are not normally allowed to take photos of the Istana gate. Notice the policeman marching up in the photo… This is also where McDonald house is located. The site of one of the earliest terrorist bombing that took place in our little red dot in 1965… a historical place indeed!

← Somerset (NS23)

→ City Hall (NS25)

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The MRT series – Somerset (NS23)

New malls have sprung up where historical Specialist Shopping centre once stood. And across that was the hangout of the ‘centrepoint kids’ in the mid 80s (no we did not join)… don’t know what we are talking about? Google it! On a serious note, did you know this area contains a gem of conservation? Look out for the houses on Emerald hill just across the station exit!

Built around 1902, Peranakan place or corner was home to some straits born Chinese who ‘gathered’ in this district. Today many folks in our little red dot can be said to have some form of Peranakan heritage due to the mixing of people over the last 100 years. Do you know what being Peranakan means?

← Orchard (NS22)

→ Dhoby Ghaut (NS24)

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The MRT series – Orchard (NS22)

Is it really that famous? Orchard road shopping belt that is. You tell us. Back in the 1980s when we were teens, none of what you see today was remotely there… And Tangs (where the Marriot Hotel is) was a 6 storey shopping building… Now you can have free rooftop views here too. And at every major festive event the street gets a light up.

Does it need a revitalizing as we debated here? Perhaps an evolution is more the order of the day. Because the retail scene has definitely changed with online shopping and the rise of the suburban malls. What do you think is missing on this stretch of road?

← Newton (NS21)

→ Somerset (NS23)

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The MRT series – Newton (NS21)

There is a famous hawker centre at the ‘circle”, notorious in the old days for overcharging tourists and locals alike for a bunch of satay (meat on skewer). Why would it be so popular in days of yore still baffle us. It seems much toned down now with many stalls no longer operating. A sign of lean times? Or perhaps it’s always like that in the day time when we went?

For folks who have been to our little red dot, have you visited this “famous” market? What is your impression of the place?

← Novena (NS20)

→ Orchard (NS222)

Part of the MRT series here.

“Hiking” in Singapore?

We’ve read about so many other bloggers who trek in their home countries (such as our blogging friend Curt). Now you might not believe it, but it is possible to do some hiking here in our little red dot too. Now it might not take a few days to hike across the island, but there are trails which offer reasonably good combination of sights and physical challenges.

Today however we are introducing a simpler walking route.

Yep we are sharing with you the sights and sounds of walking along the southern ridges of Singapore. Some have written about this before so we’ll skip the details except to say it connect three parks. This connector is for humans unlike the one at Eco link over BKE for those more familiar with our little red dot. It’s a link where fauna can use it as they like…

Recommended to do this early in the morning before the sun bakes you into a dried prune (or tomato whichever metaphor you prefer). It takes about 2 hours for a brisk walker to cover the distance of approximately 9km, including the mandatory stops for photos… Our start was from the Hortpark ending at the Marang trail. Along the way we enjoyed flora and unfortunately no fauna. Well, maybe the cat waiting to be fed…

Let us show you what we saw while on the walk through the ridges here. Have you walked on it before?