The MRT series – Redhill (EW18)

Also called Bukit Merah, the place was so-named because of the red soil. Have you heard of the story of Hang Nadim? This was the boy who gave the idea of solving the swordfish infestation to his King. But the story goes on that he was eventually executed by the King who was jealous of his youthful wisdom… and that the hill he was executed was stained red with his blood.

Yeah it may sound like a myth, but it’s no myth that this area is red hot property! For some reason, this and the few adjoining areas are well sought after as a place to live. Perhaps the name is apt. Red hot hill of apartments that are very much sought after… heheh.

←Tiong Bahru (EW17)

→Queenstown (EW19)

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The MRT series – Tiong Bahru (EW17)

If you read the official tourist site of our little red dot, they claim that this place is the hippest part of town… Is it true that this precinct of our island nation have a concentration of some of its best cafes? Not if you came from the station itself. For these lovely places are a little stroll down the road.

There are numerous blog posts out there about the place, so we’d not say more.

And if you do walk in the direction of Outram park station, you will find 4-storey walk up apartment blocks that had been preserved. Fancy looking for café 118? Hmmm…. perhaps it’s hidden somewhere in between blocks 2 and 2½… heheh.

←Outram Park (EW16)

→Redhill (EW18)

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The MRT series – Outram Park (EW16)

Located at the “fringe” of Chinatown, Outram park used to have – well a park… which is no longer there if you get there now (specifically in September of 2018). Because there is still a lot of work going on to expand this interchange station to accommodate the new Thomson line.

And precisely because it is at the edge of Chinatown, one can see the transformation from low rise shop houses with very ornate column heads and parapet walls to newer ones with spiral staircases. Unfortunately some of the streets here had an unsavoury past, but it has been gentrified over the last 15 years.

Come see a modern circular apartment icon before it is demolished. Or visit yet another old Hindu temple set in Chinatown. Perhaps some are staying at boutique hotels here… there is so much to see just by wandering around.

←Tanjong Pagar (EW15)

→Tiong Bahru (EW17)

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The MRT series – Tanjong Pagar (EW15)

The original name of this place is hotly contested. But the word Tanjong (an aberration of Tanjung) means ‘cape’ while the word Pagar means ‘fence’ in modern translation. No surprise that one of the largest terminals of the port of Singapore is located here. A cape which is fenced off to secure cargoes stored within… heheh.

Definitely a very historic district with much more than the photos above show. Now the old railway terminal is undergoing a facelift for a while, so take a rain cheque for it. But there are many other things to see, such as the shop houses. Perhaps have a meal at the many Korean restaurants here?

←Raffles Place(EW14)

→Outram Park (EW16)

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The MRT series – Raffles Place (EW14)

Remember this post? Yep. It’s time to revisit the central business district once again. We actually said in the previous post that 5 photos does not do any justice to the sights one can touch while here. Aside from the bay area, one can also walk along the Singapore river, converted from warehouses that line the banks into restaurants and cafes right under the nose of the skyscrapers!

Look out for the bronze statues that line the river. They tell about life along the source of life for this island nation in the 1800s. How many have you spotted?

←City Hall (EW13)

→Tanjong Pagar (EW15)

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The MRT series – City Hall (EW13)

Did you remember this post? Yes. This station is also on the North-South line and thus an interchange. While we may have already introduced some of the sights around to you previously, this post focuses on what you might see if you had visited some of the sights. Such as the National Gallery. Yes we know for non locals the cost of S$20pp, but hey! It’s really worth it.

And if you are not willing to fork it out, then go to the 6th floor and admire the views from the balcony. Perhaps have tea at the Raffles hotel? Or maybe just soak in the charms of an old convent turned school turned museum/entertainment complex that Chijmes is?

←Bugis (EW12)

→Raffles Place (EW14)

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