Blogger’s block

We’ve all heard and read about writer’s block. That’s the time when you seem to run out of ideas when you sit in front of the laptop. We are sure you have experienced this on occasion. The feeling of loss and seeming blank you draw…

There are actually posts about why you have writer’s block. Perhaps some of them are scientific while others are sort of dodgy. And if you Google it, these are some of them:

  • You’ve Lost Your Way… heheh
  • Your Passion Has Waned. It happens… yup
  • Your Expectations Are Too High… trying to earn money from blogging?
  • You Are Burned Out… stress?
  • You’re Too Distracted… too much other things to think of?

Think this was from a writer called Jane Friedman.

So how is one to get back into inspiration? Again if one trawl the web, there are quite a list of methods such as:

  • Going for a walk (it actually helps in our view)
  • Eliminate distractions (eg put yourself in a quiet room?) Nah
  • Do something to get your blood flowing… ?
  • Play… (hmmm wonder what that means)
  • Change your environment
  • Read a book (which always helps)
  • Free write (heard of it?)
  • Listen to music (yeah why not use the lyrics as inspiration?)

One reason we seem to post every 2 days is because most if not all of the posts are scheduled well ahead. How do we have so many posts? For one thing we have a few running series – such as our handprint stories from journeys past. And then there is the MRT series… and then…

Most important, we actually draft numerous half complete posts with just the title and some sentences, whenever we hit an inspiration. That way, we can come back to them later and “fill” them up. But our secret is in short posts – not much more than 300 words and usually around 250 words unlike this one. Short, sharp and impactful where possible.

Also, we sort of turn back to food when we run out of ideas… because that’s something we really like – to eat that is… heheh. For us, the things that one likes a lot is always a source of ideas and creativity. Don’t you think so?

PS: you might notice we are not active on WP anymore. It’s like a phase in life. Sometimes one get all excited over this ‘new’ thing. When something else comes along, well… anyway the pre posts continue, just less interaction hereon…

What web persona do you project?

We’ve written about – why blog when you can instagram (here). We’ve also written about giving up on social media (here). Well some of you too! But what we have not touched on so far is : what kind of personality do you project when you place online content?


Gotcha stumped? Well, it’s simply really. There was one day when we were in a conversation with old friends over dinner and drinks. And some of them have children in the range from the early teenage years to the brink of adulthood (like about to leave the nest). Yup we’re that old.

We talked about education for the kids, like financial budgeting and investing to help them get along “better” in life etc… And one thing that came up was how younger folks socialize these days. Now this may not well be accurate in all societies that you dear reader hail from. So take this as a social observation of how things could be in our little red dot.

Now we all know that the younglings do use social media more than for entertainment. How about for assessing each others’ social standing? If one had a thousand followers or more on instagram and had posts that generated a large quantum of likes (the mom could not tell how much constitute a lot), then you are accepted into a circle of friends. You’ve gotta project an image of being well liked (ie many followers) and having posts that generate a lot of likes (vindication of your social influence)…

Back in our day we only need to impress the others with the number of marbles we have in our pockets… heheh

So what kind of personality do you have in the web, blogosphere or whatever? Do you project an image of cool, success, content or wealth? Or something else? Tell us!

We are voyagers, not travelers!

Yes. We picked up this term well over a year back in IG. Not that it is new. After all, the gutsy folks of the late 15th century were known as such when they set forth for the unknown, seeking for a shipping route from Europe to the fabled ‘riches’ of the far east.

Like many words, its meaning has evolved over time.

And today we are attaching one more meaning to this word. A noun more than a verb, we’ve replaced the title of “Tribal Chief” to “Voyager” in the certification roll of honour. Remember our business plan here?

You know all about nomads. They move about a lot and perhaps follow the seasons too like those folks waaay back. And you have to be persistent. Not just doing it for a year and expect to be accredited as Voyager. Because a Voyager is more than a nomad and takes committment. This is a person who charts out the unknown (to the rest of us at least). While the nomad has no permanent home, the Voyager calls the four seas his abode (四海为家)… heck we all call planet earth our home! Hmmm…

Well over the last 12 months we had been shuffling around spending time in various places for work (project mainly). And it we did it for more than a year. Add the >8 years we were outside of our country we think we qualify ourselves as Voyagers. Heheh…

So ends our meaningless rant for today. Voyaging matters to us. Does it matter to you? Still interested in getting that accreditation?

Visiting and relaxing in a sanitorium

Heheh… the word sanitorium in the modern context might suggest to you that one’s gone bonkers… Or that one had contracted a virulent form of TB. But did you know that sanitoriums were not all built for the purposes of taking in such afflicted persons?

If this post is true, then the good folks of the soviet era did have a little more joy than we are told. Though it would only be for two weeks, the vouchers or subsidized holidays would be a respite from the daily grind. Did you read the post? They sure have some strange ways to relax!

You might recall, outside of the soviet system in supposedly capitalist countries we also get the two weeks of paid vacation (some places much more), but we have pay for our own relaxation… hmmm… the irony. Is it really so much better to have to slog your way and yet be “worse” off? Do you think you are worse off today then before or will things only look up?

The world is in flux these days. Income inequality is rising. Technologies are disrupting the way businesses and how their processes are being run. New ways of doing things are emerging that will subsume existing ones in a disruptive creation. It’s no surprise that many folks who are caught up in these changes on the wrong side of the road are beginning to resist the tide.

Many might wish for a return to the past when life was predictable. At least the soviets had a way for workers to relax. Will you travel to a Soviet era sanitorium?

Lost towns?

Technology and urbanization. Now these two words might not seem to be very linked to each other, but we tell they are so. Because from our view, technology’s advancement is one of the developments alongside urbanization. True that there are many other factors for growing urban living, but today we are not debating this.

As the title of this post suggest, we are focused on towns. Villages if you will. Some months back we read this article about the dying towns of Italy (our interpretation). An interesting read if we may recommend.

Oh how we identify with this trend. The gradual and sometimes fast moving changes that decimate depopulate towns of people, mostly youths leaving to seek their fortunes in the big city. We’ve seen this in Japan, China and to much extent in countries such as Thailand and Cambodia too. Towns being “absorbed” by megacities as they grow fat large. We’ve seen almost entire towns inhabited mostly by elderly folks. And as these folks pass on, so does the towns that once bustled with life. And a loss that is not just people but also culture, heritage and traditions.

Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing…. so goes an old song.

The article cited above also spoke about rejuvenation. And not just as specks of attractions that see thousands in the day and fall into still silence in the night. We’ve stated out view on how we’ve witnessed to much loss while living in China.

When will we ever learn?

Reaching the ends of the world

This article reminds us how far the human race will go to the ends of the planet. Not for sightseeing though, but as part of a long migratory trek out of ‘eden’. We said last year that perhaps we could get to Oymyakon, where barely a few hundred souls eke out a living.

But can you imagine living in the equivalent of the outback in the cold?

For us though, we still prefer the cold to the heat. You see we are folks with a lot of sweat pores. So we drip sweat in the humid heat. Hence the preference for somewhere cooler and the prevalence of our writings about somewhere freezing, not that we’d necessarily make the journey to live there permanently.

One thing’s for sure. It appears that it shall be hard to do some basic things in life, such as taking a bath or a leak. Peeling away many layers of clothing only to have them put back on again. Freeze drying your laundry… And that invariable shiver when you put on crisp (no pun intended) newly freeze dried cleaned clothes that has come straight from the coldpress cupboard. Consolation could be that you don’t need a fridge.

Alright. A meaningless ramble today. We told you we do this on occasion.

Think about it. It would surely take a big fat hardship allowance to induce anyone to move out there. And it was ever offered to you with lots of money, would you take it up?