Flying like taking a bus?

Have you ever been on a flight that seems or is overbooked? What if one were told that the only way to fly was to stand, like in taking a bus? Would you take the flight? If this story is to be believed, there were potentially 7 passengers who stood for 3½hours while they flew to their destination.

Ok ok, today we are not naming or shaming any airline.

The point to get your attention is how we have seemingly made flying a central means of transport when it comes to leisure travel. Statistics are hard to believe on this subject area. They are fraught with assumptions, presumptions and guess work all thrown into a melange. So let’s just use them as a guide and apply some common sense.

If one is to believe this article, half the world flew in 2015.

Actually if you think about it, and the article does point that out – is that you would count more than once if you had a connecting flight. And we’d add that if you are a frequent flyer, you’d add to the ‘number of people who flew’ statistic too. Many times! You might recall that we had written too about the number of people traveling (here and here).

So, a little correction is due. It is NOT the equivalent of the world’s population that will be flying by 2035. Rather, there will be 7 billion flights taken by that time. Just like there are many millions of commuters on trains and buses in a year, it appears flying will indeed become just like taking the bus.

Ok, time to go take the bus flight.

A transparent canoe?

Some of you might like kayaking or canoeing. Braving the open seas hopefully not too far off the coast. Enjoying the freedom to travel over water just like roadies doing an epic drive. If only you can also see what’s under your canoe or kayak too as you paddle!

Well, that’s a wish coming true.

Introducing the Crystal kayak (read here for article). Made from polycarbonate material, the kayaks are transparent on all sides except for the frame. Now you don’t have to snorkel to see the fishes beneath the water. You can become an observer from a distance, and not intrude overtly into the lives of the denizens of the deep…heheh, we are simplifying it a little. But you know that.

The kayak will grant you the opportunity to look beneath you even as you paddle or thread water. How deep you can see will depend on where you are and how clear the waters are, obviously. So in our view this is best for crystal clear waters in places like the Maldives, parts of the Caribbean etc. You know, places where there are few/no pollutants and little churn that turns the water murky.

The article says the product is ‘flying’ off the shelves even though it is priced at £1,199 each (right at the time we read the post). We don’t know about you. But we sure weren’t thinking about buying one for ourselves. Rather, we were hoping the resorts we will reside in will have one (some we mean).

Here to another innovation in the world of leisure travel. Would you kayak in one if you had the opportunity?

Brick and Mortar

We wrote about what ‘good’ and ‘bad’ travelers take home with them (here). And if you had read that post, you would have heard about Pele’s curse. But what if we were to tell you that you are now officially sanctioned to take a piece of Paris’ vintage road home.

Road? How will you bring a road home we hear you ask.

You see, the city of Paris is constantly renewing itself. One of the things it does is to maintain its network of cobbled streets. And you know that the streets, no matter how well laid out will deteriorate. Some pieces coming loose for example…

So what does the city officials do? They hatched an idea to sell away the approximately 10,000 tons of old cobblestones that they dig up every year! Yes you heard right, you can buy these cobble stones and pave them in your own driveway. Now how’s that for bringing a Parisian road (or street) home with you? To be honest we too are surprised that they dig up this much every year…wow…high maintenance.

Ok so you are not likely to buy a ton or two of cobbled stones. You only want one to place in the display cabinet. A trophy perhaps of your conquest of another city on the map. Specifically Paris in this case. Well, in that article you will find a link to purchase them safely. Madame Margaux has saved you the trouble of rummaging through the city’s dump for the bricks cobblestones. And she is said to make them nice too! Buying just one surely will not “brick” the bank account! Heheh…

Will this make you buy one too?

Pilot Language

Payup Bozoo!

That’s part of pilot speak, and nooooo they are not calling someone silly names. According to an article we read. Sure they are said to swear by these 5-letter words…why? You know when you use GPS or Google maps for navigation, you select markers known as waypoints. These are your “milestones” so to speak, that you gain an understanding of where you are and how you are progressing on a journey.

So its the same with navigating the globe in a plane. The independent revealed (read here) some of the most interesting names that the air traffic controllers have given the waypoints. You’d be amazed that there is no convention for the naming and that various situations and local considerations were the key factors! One thing to note though, these navigation waypoints must comprise of 5 letters of the alphabet.icao-waypoints

Sounds like the way the names of typhoons are named. Each year a different country in the Asia Pacific gets to provide names that would be used for each storm that emerges from the ocean. No real convention there too! Oops, we digressed again!

And it seems that more and more it is getting out of vogue. Because with modern GPS technologies it is no longer critical to follow waypoints some airline quoted said. But we aren’t sure about this…what if one airline decides to ditch waypoints and fly direct using GPS while others stick with it? Would that be allowed?

Do you think airlines should ditch waypoints and map direct point-2-point routes?


Secret Travels, travel secrets?

Well not all “high end” travel is about luxury. In so many blog posts there are stories of how fanciful the lounges are and how the dining blows you off your feet. But sometimes high end travel is about privacy and discreteness.

This article to us suggests that if you speedy immigration clearance, solitude and/or true exclusivity is what you are after, then opt for a VIP suite experience.

Yeah, the lounges may not be a smorgasbord of fine dining and there might not be showers with Bvlgari shampoo. But the truly super rich (if they don’t have a plane to call their own), would probably be in such private suites and whisked aboard planes without the need to interact with the plebian folks at the airport terminal.

You see, for these folks the transportation part of the journey is probably not the most exciting for them – as it may be for us. While we relish and plan in advance on getting to the airport on time, perhaps crashing in the use of a lounge with all that free food, drinks and wifi etc, these folks simply want to get it over with. If teleporation exists you can bet these folks would be first in line…ok after extensive safety tests…

For some of us, it is indeed the destination that is more important than the journey. Some people sleep it through, others become insomniac. Unless you are in an elite class of travel, you are more than likely to enjoy the transportation part of the journey less..

Is your destination more important than the journey?

Naughty Cruise journey

Ok, so the word they used was ‘sensual’. But we are plain folks who don’t buy into fancy words (though we use them – guilty heheh). But we cannot help it. You need to read this article yourself to be the true judge of what we are about to say is true. This is a cruise. But it’s no ordinary luxury cruise. This brings about a vastly different sort of ‘luxury’, one which combines entertainment and pleasure…

Now you sure need to be ‘open’ minded to join this cruise. Because clothing is optional at the pools and you’d likely be surrounded by open minded couples. Aaargh, my eyes!! You might yell if you are prudish. To be honest the photos of the fixtures on the cruise ship seems to suggest an AV film set..heheh…perhaps this might prick your curiosity to read the article? Perhaps book a cabin for April 2018?

But you will also note that this is not just one but of many themes that cruise operators are now betting on. Even the big names are cashing in on this. Can you imagine rocking and jamming while cruising the Caribbean? Yup, that’s sailed for a few years already. Wow, talk about rocking the boat.

Or how about getting your pants wet from being frightened out of your wits at every corner of the ship? Zombie themed cruise? Oh man, that might actually scare the living daylights out of us! lol.

You see, today travel is getting mundane. The sheer number of folks writing about their experiences testifies to the ‘commonness’ of the experience. That’s because the number of people traveling has been rising so much (read here) So people want something new, something refreshing, something unique. The experential kind that is.

What do you think? Has travel become mundane that we seek thrills that deviate from the ‘norm’?