Cleanliness and health while on the road

One of the things about traveling is staying healthy and safe. And specifically we are talking about getting bitten by bugs. Not the ones out in the jungle. But in places where you’d least expect them.

In the past we had written about what is the dirtiest items in your hotel room (here). Two years ago we wrote about bed bugs (here) as one of our first posts. Yeah, that sure wasn’t a popular post, possibly because of the featured picture but probably also because it was among our first posts. Back in the day when we first started we had hardly any readership traffic! Heheh…

Hence it is time for us to revisit this topic, since it seems that these unwanted critters are making a real comeback not just in some parts of the world, but also beginning to be present in places that are quite unexpected – like on planes… We came across this article in the Straits Times recently while troughing through past articles. Darn it got us a little paranoid… not to mention the sudden feeling of itch coming out of nowhere.

Anyway. Now you know what to look out for.

Today with lots of us on the go, it is not just these bugs that get carried around. Viruses and bacteria too are being transported along too. We’ve read what folks pack for a journey for prevention. What do you do to prepare against bugs before getting on your journey?

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

40 thoughts on “Cleanliness and health while on the road”

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  2. We have had few problems over the years, and I am concerned that those who become fearful are less likely to venture out to new places. On the other hand, my wife picked up the flu [we are sure it was on the plane] and learned too late there are antivirals that should be taken at the first sign. Learning from her experience, when I got it, I went to the Dr. right away and suffered much less.

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    1. And always remember that the aircrafts all have first aid kits + the cockpit itself have prescription drugs which the pilots can open with a doctor’s endorsement.


  3. I certainly get my flu shots. And while airplanes are a great place to get sick, they still aren’t nearly as bad as hospitals. As for bedbugs, no thanks. I hope not. Bugs out in the woods, well they come with the territory. 🙂 But still, I wear bug repellent! –Curt

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              1. Laughing, Suan. I just bought a heavy duty plastic canister to protect my food from black bears on my thousand mile backpack trek this summer. It has a warning label to not store Deet in it. The bears can break it open, but the Deet can! –Curt

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  4. I never put my suitcase on the bed. When I was walking in France -last fall -and staying in gite (accommodation for pilgrims) we were encourage not to bring our bags in our room . I am not extremely worry about bed bugs and I think there was some once or twice in places we stayed as I saw little marks on my legs. But the strange thing, my husband did not have problem. Just me. Strange, isn’t it ?

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  5. I have had (2) hotel bed bug incidents. The first did not seem bad as we only found “dead” bugs but it made us paranoid. The hotel responded by taking all our luggage and sticking it in a freezer and moving us to another room. They then took all fabric items out of the room and those on either side, above and below. Those that could not be cleaned or frozen were destroyed. They also discounted our stay. That is the appropriate response. I stayed in another hotel on business and woke up the next morning feeling OK. Two weeks later, my wife asked what had happened to my legs (which had been itching fiercely for a few days). There were neat little rows of three bites each (breakfast, lunch and dinner, as explained to me) from my feet up to my knee. The hotel denied any culpability and I as a major Tripadviser contributor, told the tale to my readers. Precautions now are to keep luggage up off the floor and closed, leep all clothing on hangers and laundry inside a plastic bag secured to the closet rail. Have not had a repeat yet. Why does telling this story make me feel itchy?

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