Little things you don’t notice

There are just little things in life that one never really notice. And so it is with the things around us. We use them on a daily basis, come across them all the time. But we never really knew what they are for.

What are we referring to?

Those little features that we somehow missed from reading instructions about their use… heheh. Like a pair of sneakers. Really?, you hallow in disbelief. Do we even have an instruction booklet that comes with the sneakers you buy?

Well… No. But this article is really interesting. Because it tells you what those extra holes on the sides could be used for. And for that matter many other features on everyday products that we do not even take notice of. Such as the little triangle on the fuel gauge panel. Darn it if he had known, Mel would not have to check for which side the fuel pump is located each time he picks up a rental!

But the theme of our post today is about focus.

Because when we travel we will more than often zoom in on the known or ‘beaten track’ sights. It’s on every travel brochure, guidebook and probably the blog of many writers. By the way, it has been a real pleasure for us to read the ones that shared something that is truly off the beaten track. But we digress.

Like how Stephen who shared about the secret gardens of London (here), wouldn’t it be grand if we share the hidden nuggets and gems that one can find? You’ve might have started to notice we are posting more about the sights one can see outside of the glam ones in our little red dot.

Does this goad you into taking a different focus in your travels?

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

18 thoughts on “Little things you don’t notice”

  1. I feel the same way – sometimes, I don’t even realise aspects of the places I live or pass through that might be unique or special to others, and that they too can be a source of rich inspiration. Sometimes real beauty isn’t found on vacation, but in finding wonder in the little things around us.

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  2. Well, if I still got to travel, I might focus on things off the beaten path! C’est la vie.

    I guess I can focus on the” little nuggets” around Columbus, Ohio USA and take some photos and post them, instead. That would REALLY be off the beaten tourist path! 😛

    BTW, the featured image on this post of yours is hilarious! Made me look twice, and then a third time. 🙂

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