Travel may become trickier

News about potential changes to the US visa waiver program first surfaced 4 months ago (read one of them here). You would also recall the ban on electronic devices larger than a handphone on planes flying in from certain countries to the US and UK that was hoisted on travellers without warning though that’s been scaled back..

Now if programs like visa waiver are suspended, it invites tit-for-tat retaliation because emotions run high. At first we thought requirements like ESTA was only for the fees that governments collect… but quite a few other countries (here) have implemented their own.

In addition, many countries around the world are starting to axe manage temporary work visa approvals as well. Thus it may be that much harder to get into Australia in the future to pick fruits… Suddenly, it’s like globalization going in reverse – being rewound but at 2x or 3x speed.

We think this is a harbinger of even more restrictive travel in the future. In the sense it may not mean less people are allowed to criss cross the earth, but rather that it will be much more onerous than it is now. As if we are not already complaining about it! Some day we might have to board airplanes only after passing through security checks wearing nothing but hospital gowns because it makes checking for illegal stuff easier. LOL… hmm… you heard this prediction first at our blog!

Where do you think the future of traveling is headed? A decline or continued unabated growth? Which do you prefer?

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

28 thoughts on “Travel may become trickier”

  1. Been Having these conversations with friends and we all agree that Europe is very unsafe right now. I’m so upset about it really. As Intry going to Europe every other year. I may still go as I won’t let terrorists terrorize my traveling but I’ll probably be more cautious in choosing where to go

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    1. It is unfortunate that Europe has seen a deterioration of security since 2015. But the truth is – there is danger everywhere and good sense will help one avoid most. Keep traveling. Don’t let this stop you!

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      1. I agree that there’s danger everywhere. People warned us before our trip to Turkey and then look at what happened in Las Vegas. Here in NYC, a woman died in bed two years ago when a construction crane fell through the roof of her building.

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          1. Thanks for getting us back on track. I originally wanted to comment on your article 😂 It’s very depressing to me how closed and nationalistic so many countries are becoming. A country has the legal right to close their border, but not a moral right to hate based on race and religion.

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  2. Actually I could already feel some of the effects of stricter regulations when I was in NZ late last year. The requirements for the work holiday visa for Singaporeans got stricter right after I arrived which caused me some admin nightmare when I was trying to sort it all in a new environment all by myself. I would agree that travel might become a little bit trickier but hopefully not! Haha…:)

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    1. Oh wow. That was a close call! Indeed we sense this each time we get through customs too. All the extra checks, who knows? We might really have to go through security in night gowns before we are allowed to change and board the planes…


        1. The major downside of internationalism and globalisation is that everywhere is becoming the same. You wake up in a chain hotel you have no idea what country you are in … McDonald’s and KFC everywhere … Heineken in every pub, CNN & BBC everywhere and everyone walking around with a mobile glued to their ears or on the internet hell bent on continually contacting people back home. What’s the point of travelling ? Travel is not what it used to be when you went to experience something truly new and leave your every day life behind.

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          1. There was a time when travel was romantic. There was a time when travel was adventursome.
            Social media has been hijacked from its original intent.
            As individuals, it is indeed a sad tale to read. But this appears to be the path of human “progress”.

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          2. Agreed. I’m not sure how you turn the clock back, or even if it is even possible. One of my first big adventures was renting a VW Bug in 1967 and driving 2500 miles through most of the major parks in East Africa. It’s amazing how big an elephant appears from a VW Bug. On the other hand, this summer I took off on several backpack trips, two by myself. Within minutes I had left civilization behind. There are still ways… 🙂 –Curt

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              1. I’ve found traveling off-season helps. I won’t go to popular places during peak seasons. Even with that you are right about the impacts. Ubud might still be an interesting place to visit, but the Ubud of today is not the Ubud of 1976. No way. –Curt

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