Social Media? Nah…moving on!

A couple of months back, we read this article in the local newspaper. It suggests that the era of social media is coming to an end. And from the ashes of its demise, messenger apps would take its place. You know, the Whatsapp, Wechat etc of this world. Those using FB would know of its messenger app too.

The premise for the demise of social media is fatigue.

But we extend this beyond social media to blogosphere too. We not sure about you. But we can only post once every two days because we have limited content available. And as in the corporate world when there’s nothing to say, don’t say anything. So can but only post content because it makes sense to.

Even that requires planning (yeah we schedule posts ahead). Because there is so much to do in our daily lives – like going to work, doing the chores, fixing things around home etc… and for those with kids… need we say more?

Some nuggets from the article we find familiar. Have you not thought there is a lot of clutter on social media? Even in WP, it is challenging to sift through the many thousands of posts that appears every second. The search function is rather rudimentary (ie not Google level) and turns up such a disparate result when you are too generic in your search term. And don’t even get started on instagram and FB. If there is a de-cluttering tool, we are all for it!

Actually, the article pointed out that such predictions were already made years back. This example suggests that while people might still be on social media, it is social circles that’s become more important. That means rather than mass sharing, it is back to sharing with a group. Exclusivity. Yes this will probably be a gradual thing. But it may happen faster than we all predict and a trend in motion stays in motion?

We’ve become a lot more active on messenger apps these days. How about you? Oh no! Will you shut down your social media accounts and abandon all your online followers?

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

24 thoughts on “Social Media? Nah…moving on!”

  1. It it was that easy to predict rise (and fall) of social networks, somebody would have become richer and richer. Truth is, I do what I like. And, hopefully, what somebody else does. Even if the former is the reason. The latter a nice to have.

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    1. You are right! If predictions were so easily made, then perhaps we should work in the stock markets instead! lol.
      But the point of the post is this – will one be fatigued with social media?


  2. I think that blogging should not be an end to itself. It must be some means of a bigger picture or goal. For example, even with my travel blog, there is a bigger purpose and only the implementation is delayed. My other blog is really an outlet and a way to get my work as a writer out there. While I have an author website, it cannot be inundated with ramblings but the musings hopefully help widen the readership. To make money by blogging anything, I’d say, isn’t going to last. Blogging has to make sense. And it shouldn’t take more time than the main purpose. Thus, I should spend more time writing the novel or the poems or the short stories than posting a blog entry especially if unrelated to the writing. Of course, we are encouraged to share the person behind the writing. 🙂 As for social media, it is exhausting.

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    1. Exhausting… yes that’s a good way to describe it. The author of the article in the link we provided alluded to fatigue. We cannot imagine making money from blogging. Perhaps the early ones who had many thousands of followers could have some collaborations. But we would swiftly run out of money if we had to depend on blogging for money!

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      1. When blogging was blogging in itself… 😊 It’s actually good to refresh ourselves by moving away from it sometimes. In exceptional situations, we must be away from social media for a longer period. A fellow writer is off blogging and social media for a whole month. She normally posts a lot and not short articles but well-researched, long posts and is active in a lot of writing platforms. She’s awesome. I’m glad she’s able to move away when it gets too much, then come back. I’m beginning to understand it. We shouldn’t feel the pressure. And we need the time to make money. 😜😀

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  3. In a way, we do form social groups on Word Press in terms of the people who comment on our blogs and vice-versa. I’ve made a number of friends over the years. It’s probably the most rewarding aspect of blogging. As for the future? Who knows? 🙂 –Curt

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  4. Haha, loved this post. But the fact our if I leave others but mine life is much dependent on social media as my dad move on business trips frequently we rely on it. And most of my maternal relatives, live across the globe so we can’t meet regularly but this make us together being apart. So I don’t even think like that. Enjoyed this.
    How are you? Hope you are doing well.
    Will glad to have you at my site and your words at my latest post. Thanks!

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    1. Oh yes social media was indeed for folks far flung to connect. But it has been hijacked!
      That’s strange… it seems your posts are not feeding into our reader page! Have to find out why…


  5. I quit my facebook a month ago and kept only the facebook page Mara Explores Japan. It’s been such a paradise since. Facebook is like an online high school full of cliques and pressures to prove you’re the “happiest happy person ever!”

    I think facebook will die out eventually because it’s getting cluttered and far from it’s original purpose. I think twitter will eventually go the way of the dodo, but some social media will survive because they have some function that is needed beyond vanity and likes.

    I think the blogsphere is still in a healthy place. Whereas instagram and tumblr seem full of vain people just trying to get attention instead of posting interesting content.

    Very interesting post 🙂

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    1. Yeah, the initial thought was for folks from far flung corners of the country or world to connect, to make the world smaller. But it has been “hijacked” and morphed into something completely different. There might be a tipping point, but as they say in the financial markets : the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent… so it might be some ways yet before its demise.

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    1. That’s the ideal. But it seems our lives are so divergent these days… Social media was originally intended for folks who are not physically able to be in contact – to be. But it seems it has morphed into something else…

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