Don’t eat airline food anymore?

Would you listen to a celebrity chef cum reality TV star cum restauranteur? For one thing, the quoted person in this article suggests that he himself will not touch airline food. Apparently from his own wealth of experience working for some of the most prestigious airlines in the world, he knows enough to avoid it.

Does this kind of review(s) influence you?

Now one thing that the above article does not provide are concrete reasons from who we’d refer to as a so-called social influencer. He simply referred to the fact he knows where the airline food has been and how long it took before getting on the plane with the passengers. Which honestly is the same with all pre-cooked meals anyway…so what’s new? It just need to be served and consumed within a certain number of hours when stored at the appropriate temperature and conditions.

You might recall we wrote a little post about gorgeous airline food and shared with you some of those we had the privilege of sampling at 30,000+ feet in the air. At that rarefied air, food taste different than you are back on planet earth we asserted and convinced you (we hope). The meal(s) you have onboard would thus be something you’d likely reject/avoid on a daily basis.

You might also recall yet another post we wrote (here) where we pointed out that the water in the tanks of the planes potentially seethe with undesirables… so take the coffee and tea at your own risk we are told! Stick with bottled and canned drinks we guess. Perhaps that’s the excuse to be sanitized with lots of alcohol, our preferred one’s from Chianti (here). Heheh.

Would a social influencer sway you? Are all of these sufficient to convince you never to take airline meals ever again?

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

31 thoughts on “Don’t eat airline food anymore?”

  1. I have similar feelings to some other commenters.

    I really look forward to my airline meals. It’s always a surprise of sorts, like a mini xmas in the sky!!

    Food does taste different but that can be fun. I really like to noodle dishes on the Asian airlines. I think my best airline meals were with Japanese, Taiwanese and Singaporean airlines.

    I don’t really worry too much about the freshness, I think airline food and water is still miles safer than a lot of street food that I eat .. and I’ve been in hospital in Thailand with food poisoning lol.. and I got that in a five star hotel restaurant..

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    1. Indeed. You never know where and when one can get food poisoning. Airline food might be safer in a sense that there are strict regulations around prep and storage compared to street food!


  2. Only bottled water for me on flights, but I do eat a little of the food. It is funny how they talk up the food on the flights, how it is recommended or prepared by top chefs….. still always looks pretty average!!

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  3. While not as good as it used to be food on full service – long haul- airlines is still reasonable, perfectly edible and safe to eat. The other important thing is that it helps pass the time for those who cannot sleep .. though that is not a problem I have lol.

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  4. Agree with everyone else here that I would keep eating the stuff. Don’t think that food borne illness onboard planes have been reported to be an issue (unlike many cases on cruise ships). The more we try to totally sanitize our environment, the more susceptible we become if there is a point of contamination. So a little dirt makes us stronger. Plus being a skinflint Asian, why wouldn’t I eat for what I already paid for.

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    1. Heheh… that’s true. It seems we’ve not really heard of airline food mishaps as often as on the cruise ships. But then they cater for many more and days too. In any case, if we can take street food what is some airline food going to do? LOL


  5. Some bad elements in our body help make us stronger. What hasn’t killed me yet probably won’t so I’ll keep eating the plane food. I don’t think I’m easily influenced by some social influencer.

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    1. That’s good. Sometimes though the catering might have a glitch. But those should be rare. These days with the stricter hygiene standards and checks the risks are low. And some airlines DO have good stuff!


  6. I also read how bad the food and water is on the planes, but as you said, it’s the same as fast food. For me it’s just a matter of convenience. Do I want to take “healthy” food with me enough for an 11h flight? What that would be? And nobody dies by eating fast food once in a while. For short flights I usually buy a bottled water and bring with me fruits and biscuits, but for a long one, I wouldn’t even start thinking about it haha

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  7. Sometimes you have no choice but eat the airplane food, like on very long flights for example. Depending on the airport you are leaving from, your food choices might be limited or food might get spoiled during the flight if not refrigerated. I’ve had some really gross tasting meals even in business class but that is sometimes unavoidable. I think given the choice, most people would choose not to eat the airplane food, but you can only go so far on airplane beer 😉

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    1. Yeah that’s right. On flights well over 4-5 hours, it will be a challenge not to eat something. But some people can still abstain! On the other hand, it may be an overblown thing. Buffets and catering normally prepare the meals well ahead as well. So should we avoid those too? Perhaps…

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