Long term effects of travel (flying that is)

You might recall that we made mention about how flying dumbs down your sense of taste (read here). Well, yet more articles had been circulating about the health impact of long distance flying. This is probably applicable to road warriors who ply the skies for work.

We are quite ‘avid’ fans of reading the UK Daily Mail, travel section only of course…all to trawl for a good story. And one of their article suggests a wide range of potential health problems afflicting those sitting for long periods in that aluminium can – hurtling at supersonic speeds. Heheh….as if we all did not know of it already.

The list of acronyms representing the different ailments that can afflict one on flights is quite long. And not being medical professionals, we are cannot comment on whether these effects are real and impactful as suggested.

One thing we did note from the article is the amount of UV and cosmic particles one can be exposed to while on a longer haul flight. Wow, 56 minutes of flying is like 20 minutes on a tanning bed…so on an intercontinental flight of 12 hours…Wonder if that would be less if we flew at night? LOL. Seriously, can someone answer that?

The other would how sitting for long periods might lead to increased cardiovascular disease (not just DVT). Sigh, being office workers how are we to avoid sitting down in meetings or at our work desks?

What do you do in your daily lives that may mitigate the effects of flying? Mel and Suan exercise quite regularly. Do you think taking flight will negate the therapeutic effect of the vacation?

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

17 thoughts on “Long term effects of travel (flying that is)”

  1. Very interesting to read after stepping of a flight from Indonesia where I have been working for the past week (and neglecting reading your entries haha) and knowing I have 4 (albeit short) flights to Sydney for work in the next three weeks! I was well aware of the short term impacts but the long term ones are a bit more disturbing. My current schedule is not normal but when younger I did a lot of long haul travelling.

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  2. I exercise regularly. this has been my lifestyle all my life… it is difficult for me to be sitting 10 hours in a plane but what can we do if we want to see the world ? I do not see negative in my flying , just a way to go where I want and much faster than in old days with ships or horse carriage .. I would be missing so many places and I still plan to go many new places. Good WE for you two.

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  3. This doesn’t sound good at all for my friend who has been a flight attendant for Cathay since 1994. But maybe they don’t fly as much as those road warriors who mentioned. My friend probably works a total of 20 days a month, including days in destinations like when they fly to Johannesburg, they stay here for at least 2 days. I think the pilots are up in the air more.

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  4. As a non-flyer I am not personally affected by this, but I do find it disquieting because some of my friends fly constantly, especially the opera singers who sometimes fly two or three times a week between performances.

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    1. Oh wow. Are you a black belt? And how do you practice while traveling? Mel was one too (was becos he does not practice it anymore…).
      Well its long term effects we were more concerned about – ie when one flies almost every week. Perhaps he was not specific in the post, but it was also about travel in general including work. Aside from jetlag one could be stressing over deadlines and assignments!

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      1. I do. I try and practice patterns if I’m travelling so I don’t forget them. I have heard that airline pilots and flight attendants die earlier. Changing time zones so often messes up their internal clock, or something.

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