Manage stress with travel?

Not sure if you are familiar with the saying : “Health is Wealth”. There was one flight in which both Mel and Suan coincidentally watched the same movie. The Japanese satirical movie’s story centred around how a squire worked for a samurai lord.

In the story, this squire falls asleep and is visited by the first god. This one’s the god of health. In it, the god told the squire he was about to take away his health. A healthy dose of conversation took place as part of the movie… The squire awoke and thought nothing of it. Some time later, he fell ill with fever and could not get out of bed. It was difficult to sleep but when he did he dreamt that the wealth god had come.stress

“Aaargh, away with you wealth!!” cried the wealth god to the squire and as quickly as he came he was gone. When he finally awaken, our squire was surrounded by family. They sobbed to him : “oh how the samurai lord has seized all our moneys and treasures for his war!”. All the events that followed and the stress cause the squire to fall into a coma – clearly shocked. It’s dark and gloomy and all the squire could see was the mist. Then a clearing. A figure. A hideous looking figure of a man. That our dear friends was the god of death!

If this report is true, it’s definitely alarming!

We once heard from friends posted to work in the Philippines that people they knew in the corporate circles were ‘dropping like flies’. Perhaps they drank and partied too much…but…and this is a true qualification; many years back we had good friends who reported having gout and hypertension. And these folks were at the height of their early 30s. All because of the food we eat and the little exercise we do. And it seems that apart from lifestyles and diets, stress of life (and/or work) are very likely factors too.

While it is one thing to manage our diets, it may be quite another to manage stress. Can travel help distract you from stress or will it worsen the situation? Remember our post on whether you are overworked? Do you feel stress is overwhelming you?

If so, what do you think you will do about it? We travel to unwind. How about you?

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

12 thoughts on “Manage stress with travel?”

  1. Hypertension is actually very common among Filipinos. As you know, I only discovered last month that I suffer from hypertension. I read those of us with darker complexion are more prone to it than our fair-complexioned counterparts. My diet isn’t so much a problem so you’re on to something here because it is more critical to manage stress. Travel can be quite stressful BUT going to a place a couple of hours away is stress-relieving. We are lucky to have Sun City Resort, Drakensberg and even some towns in the Free State that we can go to for a weekend or long weekend. Playing golf helps even more. 🙂 Maybe that’s why I suffer from hypertension now; I have not played golf forever! 🙂

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    1. Ah. De-stressing is definitely one way to help control all forms of ailments. It is not an exact science but there is a lot of talk about faith healing – ie how one’s belief can lead the body to repair itself faster and more effectively. This is truly a testament of mind over matter!

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  2. It was a lovely extract you have shared from that movie. And beautifully stated your point for me traveling is to free yourself from that same routine and secondly from the stress that even being a student we get. The best way to distract yourselves from worries too

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    1. Well, some might not see it this way. Because of work commitment, some may end up looking over their shoulders for that blip on the phone etc…or dread going back to a pile of work. For us we know that the work will always be there – that’s why we were hired for right? So why worry about it when you are on the road?


  3. Interesting post. There’s so many aspects of travel that ARE stressful. Airports, traveling from place to place, physical exhaustion from carrying your life on your back…yet I always feel so content. Minor stresses seem to come and go while traveling, while when I’m at home it seems that I’m constantly stressed and grinding myself down. I think travel is so important for health!

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    1. Well, some would say that coming back from a travel journey is stressful because of the amount of work one has to pick up. Or just before departing, when one have to work really hard to clear as much as possible and not burden the colleagues…but the most important thing is – when one is on the road traveling, one should not think about work and leave the life at home behind. It is easier said then done in today’s madcap of work life, but we have to try!


  4. Well, the irony is that one likely have to put in extra hours to work before going on holiday and then put in extra hours again when one is back from holiday. And checking emails and responding during the holiday. Traveling may be one way to help manage stress but definitely not the best way especially if one is working in a fast pace industry and stressful environment. For me, walks, jogs or swim is the best way to release stress.

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