Delayed gratification


What a day! Thought that we would be home tonight snuggling in our own bed in a toasty 28°C…but noooooo…..we are sneaking into bed in the Golden Phoenix hotel that is 10 minutes’ drive from Beijing airport. Why??? Because the bad fog in Beijing this morning delayed the originating flight into Harbin and caused our flight out of Harbin to be affected. Well, the experience that we had said we did not have thus far has FINALLY happened to us!

So much that we missed the connecting flight in Beijing!

How now brown cow?

Well, fortunately it has become law in China that carriers are mandated to put affected passengers from flight delays at hotels and ensure that they are fed and cared for until the alternate flights arrangements can be sorted out.

Dinner with Dan Dan aand family11.jpg
Blessing in disguise?

And this law came into effect on 1-Jan-2017. What luck! Thus 28 travellers trudged through the terminal with their luggage and carry-on to the biting cold for a coach ride to the 3-star hotel for the night.

Fortunately for us, this gave an opportunity to meet up with friends in Beijing, so we actually had Beijing duck for dinner…hmmmm.

So this set us thinking (as we were waiting at the airport earlier today),

  • What recourse would there be for claiming against travel insurers?
  • And for what can that be?
  • Will we still be entitled to claiming compensation given we had airline response re the above?

Do you have such experiences yourself?

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

25 thoughts on “Delayed gratification”

  1. I thought it was for all airlines that if the passenger isn’t at fault, accommodation is on the airline, plus all other expenses. Fortunately for me, I have never had any delayed or cancelled flights. *knock on wood*

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  2. Our connecting flight from Seattle to CA was delayed on 12/27. And the flight arriving Portland (our first flight) was kind of delayed also. Since the connecting flight was delayed, so we were not too anxious when the passengers coming out of the plane arriving Portland was very slowly. It turned out to be okay. It was raining and snowing in many states!!

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  3. Your policy will spell out exactly what is covered and if you are unsure, just call the insurance company. Before the call you can determine what losses you may have incurred, such as forfeited non refundable costs at your final destination, etc. make a list and then make the call. You should have written details of the policy from when you paid your premium, so definitely look at that too. Every policy is different.

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    1. Yes that’s true. But especially if the airline has responded with accommodations, meals and transfers, it may only fall to lost time. Not really loss…but will definitely think about a list!


  4. The same thing happened to me the very first time I went to Istanbul from the US, except that in my case the airline provided NOTHING! I had to find my own way to a hotel to stay overnight and pay for my own food. I had not insured that trip, so I was out-of-pocket for everything, as well as missing 24 hours from my month-long stay in Turkey. My friend there, who I hadn’t yet met in real life, almost did not believe me when I called to say that i would be a day late. I worried that when I arrived at Ataturk Airport a day late that he would not be there to meet me or to give me a place to stay for that winter month of December 2001 – January 2002, which turned out to be the snowiest winter Turkey had had in over 50 years. It began the day I arrived and finally quit snowing the day I left. You can imagine what Cem and his family thought of me! LOL.

    But as for whether you can still make any claims on your trip insurance, my thought would be that yes, you can, if you can monetize any losses–objective OR subjective–that this interruption in your plans has caused. Be creative. The worst thing that can happen to the claim is that it might be turned down. Go for it! 🙂

    And good luck getting home again, if you are not yet there.

    Happy New Year, Mel & Suan! 🙂

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    1. Happy 2017 to you too!
      Wow that was a scary thing right? Like being lost lambs about in the airport in a sea of folks whom you cannot make yourself understood…! But happy that it turned out well and when you look back, it’s funny right?
      We on the other hand are positively waiting for our 3pm flight today. We’ll get home!

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  5. Ah, life, traveling and otherwise: the experience that we said we did not have thus far has FINALLY happened to us! That’s how that works! If I had a dime for every time that prediction came to pass. I had a similar experience three times. Once at the Miami Airport and I was put up in a hotel to wait the 12 hours for the next flight to my destination. I think Guatemala City. It was a plane malfunction and not weather. The airline volunteered to put me up. Sweet! The second time it happened was in Amsterdam. There was a ticketing error and I was “stranded” in Amsterdam for 14 + hours. No hotel arrangements and I did not miss an opportunity―no opting to camp out in an airport for me! So, dat is geweldig, I spent a wonderful day exploring the city and seriously thought about…but I had a ship to meet in Sète. Then the last time, and for the life of me I can’t remember what the issue was because I don’t care LOL, the delay allowed me to explore New Orleans for the first of many visits there. Blessings in disguise? Oh yeah. Happy New Year and safe travels!

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      1. What little luggage I had was already in Montpellier. I stuffed my pack in a locker at Schiphol Airport, grabbed a cab and experienced one of the most memorable solo travel days of my life. When I got back to Schiphol, I found the gate and crashed on the floor for a couple of hours before the flight. Slept on the plane, too. When I landed in Montpellier, I found the shipping agent’s office by sheer dumb luck. I managed to get to port in Sète to meet the ship. First stop after that was Napoli. One amazing experience after another from Napoli to Mozambique!

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          1. The entire trip, lasting the whole summer was amazing―from Ramadan in Egypt to the interesting French “expats” in Djibouti, the crazy cab drivers in Somalia to some interesting food in Kenya, the beauty of Tanzania and Mozambique then back to the Meditteranean.

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