What kind are you?

Yeah, what kind are you indeed? The journeying kind – that is.

What type of traveler.gifIs there a difference between a traveler and a tourist? We have written about it here before about the casual tourist as opposed to ‘travelers’.

But here we are talking about travelers and humorist Sarah Cooper has compliled a really interesting set of satirical cartoons that discern the difference.

Do you feel naked when you do not have your digital devices with you? If you are reading this then obviously the answer is likely to be a yes. When was the last time you really really (really) totally disconnected from the grid? Would you swap your phablet for a book? The one made from paper fibre and not composite fibre that is. When will you stop reading and responding to blog post comments or instagram likes?

Perhaps reading her satire will make you think about it. We only post every other day. Because the rest of the time we want to live life without being tied to the computer! Wouldn’t you?

Read her at http://thecooperreview.com/.

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

19 thoughts on “What kind are you?”

  1. Ah, this topic was on my mind a lot last few years. I’m a “can’t wait to disconnect”, but then I go through an awful withdrawal period.

    I often won’t buy a local SIM on purpose to get my online time down, but then first days touring around I have panic moments of searching for a cafe with wifi and then being super annoyed if it’s slow or doesn’t work. It’s ridiculous to get super annoyed, in the middle of a lovely trip just because I can’t check mails etc.

    But I guess it all comes down to addiction and withdrawal.

    Going to China is a good way for westerners to disconnect. Most of the popular western platforms don’t work too well (incl. wordpress, which is a hit or a miss), and while VPN was good a few years ago, I found that the great firewall was now wise to VPN and even with it I couldn’t access some sites.

    When I get past the initial withdrawal I find that I sleep better, am more at peace and enjoy simple things like reading or just daydreaming at a beautiful view even more !

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    1. That’s true and we’re will embark on a week’s worth of disconnectedness at the end of December in Harbin. Not only will it be very cold to use the devices, free wifi will be hard to obtain and probably not connect to wordpress! Agree with you, we’ll probably enjoy the journey more!


  2. For me it depends what kind of holiday I’m anticipating beforehand. If it’s a weekend away camping, then I’ll only be taking a phone for emergencies, and perhaps some sort of music device. If it’s a month in the UK, I’ll be expecting wi-fi everywhere!

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  3. I’m only disconnected when there is no signal. Lol! But, it doesn’t mean I’m always looking at my phone. Even at home, I would leave both mobile phones somewhere in the house and I “live” and some friends make comments such as, “you’re online but you’re not responding to my whatsapp message? lol!” Passive-aggressive. Hahaha! Seriously, everyone should know I’m always online, I can even be typing for hours or so it seems. Traveling? I MUST have wi-fi and be connected!!

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    1. Indeed! But the fact that we can communicate though we could be half a world away is something that cannot be ignored too! The sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience is a new chapter for our species.


  4. I can say that I am both, depending on where I am and my activities.

    I was in Raja Ampat for 2 weeks completely off the grid to focus on my diving, snorkeling and hiking. And, it was one of the best holidays ever!

    Then, I went to Bali with occasional wifi usage for my blog and social media. I traveled with complimentary stuffs so I had to ‘compensate’ by posting about the hotels, food and etc.. It was so much fun to feel like a VIP and get free stuffs in exchange for spreading words online.

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    1. Nice! We should be totally disconnected once in a while. In today’s world, it would be hard to go without our social media and digital devices! And yes you do need to write about the places you stay at too! so far nobody’s sponsoring us! lol


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