Looking for your ancestor?

Did we descend from the great apes that came out of Africa?

Well that could have been more than 1.6 million years ago according to modern anthropology. Perhaps you weren’t thinking that far back…how about grandpa who came to Singapore from China? Or perhaps the millions of European immigrants that went through the registries of Ellis island?

A couple of months back, we wrote about our journey to liberty and Ellis island in our post featuring summer travel in the US. One thing that we witnessed while visiting Ellis island was the long queue of folks seeking to use the island’s database. They were all searching for scanned records of their ancestral loved ones (sounds old but really barely 100 years ago) who made that daring move crossing continents.

But if you interprete this article as we did, this trend seem to accelerate as you age.

People do not want to lose connections and seek rootedness. And ancestry can be a big draw as it pro-offers comfort in knowing and belonging. But it also true that your journey of search may not provide you all the answers you look for.

Will you start looking up your family tree or create one?

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

16 thoughts on “Looking for your ancestor?”

  1. It sounds like a mission… I’d love to, though. I’m desperately looking for proof that I have other blood and not only Filipino, I know that Filipino is a fruit cocktail of Malay, Indo something, maybe even Chinese, Portuguese, etc. but I was thinking more Spanish, like my maiden name. 😊
    I hope to visit NY and around/surround soon. I must decide whether I’ll fall for the lure of the girls going ala SATC or with my favorite – family 😊

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  2. I’ve thought about researching my ancestral past. I believe it would provide explanations for complex and simple areas of life. Plus, technology today makes it a bit easier to track the information down.

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  3. I have always been very interested in my Scandinavian roots and travelled there for that reason. When I arrived I realised that the countries held special meaning for me and fell in love with them. Almost like have a DNA memory. Suddenly everything just fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle.

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    1. Definitely. To appreciate the risks that our forebears took to cross the seas (not many could fly then, or the plane was not invented). They made better lives for themselves so that we can have blogoversations across continents!

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