Luxury traveling reaching new heights

Remember we posted in our Q2 newsletter about a redemption for Suites (first class) on Singapore airlines? Click here to read.

In a sign of the widening gulf between one end of the travel spectrum to the other, we now have rooms in the sky. The daily mail had this article (here) that showcases what the “high end” passengers of airlines can come to choose for comfort as they hurtle in an aluminium can across the globe at 10km above ground. Well, maybe not all aluminium. These days probably 50% of the materials used are composites.

Luxury in the sky
They claim to sell “space”

Now some us should be asking why would anyone spend the money for a room in the sky for a period not exceeding 15 hours in the air? I mean, the aircrafts don’t stay airborne for much much longer than that right?

I am assuming that the wealthy are rationale. How else would they become wealthy?

Now I am sure some will say that the folks who do this could be nouveau riche, or the retired rich seeking solace as they burn the cash they hoarded all these years…I had posted some time back that you can also buy permanent cruise ship cabins (click here to read) to sail around the world. We are very sure they will find ways to use their money and the there will be people around to help them.

We have to confess that we are guilty as charged ourselves in some way. Well, maybe all the way! The experience of Suites on SQ was really something to remember. In what would amount to three economy seats or even two business class seats, we each had the pleasure of using that space for one.

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So while it was just a 7-hour flight from Narita to Singapore, we enjoyed all the trappings of comfort for that period. This even as our fellow passengers in cattle class cramp it out while trying to finish the meal that had been served by the svelte stewardesses. And then there was that “feel” as we boarded the plane first amongst others as priority passengers…you know that air of superiority as we sauntered past the plebs and being greeted like nobility by the airline associates. oooh…

And I am now ‘miles-rupted’ (well, have to start collecting again as I fly for work). But that was a fleeting experience we don’t regret.

The sky’s no longer limited.

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

6 thoughts on “Luxury traveling reaching new heights”

  1. Ah, I don’t think it’s anything to regret.

    I laughed at “that air of superiority as we sauntered past the plebs and being greeted like nobility by the airline associates. oooh…” Sometimes, we must be allowed to bask in the glory without guilt. It doesn’t necessarily make people bad, does it?

    To be honest, and I’m saying this because I don’t think ALL people are honest when they say they won’t be “stupid” to spend their money like that even if they had a helluva lot, I will fly first class everywhere. I will stay at the most posh place. Like my ex-boss (and he’s not in the top 20 wealthiest man in South Africa, no sir) who has a palace (for his primary residence), if I had the money, I will also build me one. Life is meant to be enjoyed and while luxury doesn’t automatically mean enjoyment because there are other factors that make a life, luxury helps. As the saying goes, “it is more comfortable crying in a Mercedes Benz and on a bicycle.” 🙂

    Check this out on YouTube 🙂

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    1. Agree. Will take a beemer over a harley anytime! And it was not like we had money dropped on us. The miles were earned over time flying for work. So, its good to use it and gain good memories. Like the Elvis song “if i wind up broke, I’ll always remember that I had a swelling time”…

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      1. Oh absolutely! I don’t even know that Elvis song and I already love it. Life is for experiences. At the end of it all, we take nothing with us. We don’t even know if there is reincarnation or final judgement or heaven or hell… and even if those existed, we still cannot take what we have now to another side. I always say to my son that I am entitled to enjoy my life (hell, I need to compensate or replace or whatever) because I am the one making sacrificing, working my bottom off and putting up with whatever I put up with at work. We must live.
        Here’s my air-cheers for that life well-lived! To all of us!

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