Sport Finance por Michael Mondello

Sport Finance por Michael Mondello

Titulo del libro: Sport Finance

Autor: Michael Mondello

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Michael Mondello con Sport Finance

Sport Finance, Fourth Edition With Web Resource, grounds students in the real world of financial management in sport, showing them how to apply financial concepts and appreciate the importance of finance in establishing sound sport management practices. Utilizing a modern and practical approach, the text encourages students to take a strategic organizational perspective in learning financial skills while gaining a deeper understanding of the reasoning behind the principles of sport finance. The fourth edition of Sport Finance has been revised and restructured to reflect the evolving needs of students entering the dynamic sport industry. Content updates and additions include the following: A new chapter dedicated to assets (such as players, facilities, and goodwill) and liabilities (such as player salaries and long-term debt) and how they affect a sport organizationExpanded coverage of strategies to increase revenue and reduce expenses for greater profitability, enhanced with an example from a real-world athletic departmentNew chapters about reviewing financial statements, planning, and building a financial strategy to help guide decisions to create, expand, or exit a sport business or organizationFive new case studies covering a variety of sectors, sports, and countries to give students the opportunity to apply the concepts to practical scenarios To further relate the content to real situations for students, study questions about each of the case studies have been incorporated into a new student web resource. The web resource also includes an interactive simulation called “The Two Dollar Team” that directly engages students with the book’s topics, including assets and liabilities, revenue and expenses, budgeting, cash management, and borrowing. Instructors will also find additional activities and a case study in the companion instructor guide, and they will receive a test package and presentation package.Sport Finance, Fourth Edition, will enable students to grasp fundamental concepts in sport finance. By analyzing business structures, financial statements, and funding options, students will not only learn basic finance but will also understand how those skills are used to build a strategy and make sound financial decisions in the world of sport.