Ramage & The Renegades (The Lord Ramage Novels Book 12) por Dudley Pope

Ramage & The Renegades (The Lord Ramage Novels Book 12) por Dudley Pope

Titulo del libro: Ramage & The Renegades (The Lord Ramage Novels Book 12)

Autor: Dudley Pope

Número de páginas: 240 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 17, 2012

Editor: House of Stratus

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Dudley Pope con Ramage & The Renegades (The Lord Ramage Novels Book 12)

With the Treaty of Amiens signed, Nelson's navy stands down, and Ramage goes on leave. He does not believe the peace will last and suspects Napoleon capable of trickery. However, he then receives orders to inspect and survey the small island of Trinidad off the coast of Brazil. He sails Calypso into the island's only anchorage and there the adventures begin. Captive merchant ships, a beautiful woman, and pirates are all to be dealt with in one of Ramage’s most dangerous missions. Dudley Pope, as usual, does not disappoint.

The Author: Dudley Bernard Egerton Pope was born in 1925 into an ancient Cornish sea-faring family. He joined the Merchant Navy at the age of sixteen and much of his early life was spent at sea. He was torpedoed during the Second World War and his resulting spinal injuries plagued him for the remainder of his life.

Towards the end of the War, he turned to journalism, becoming the Naval and Defence Correspondent for the London Evening News. During this period he started reading and writing naval history and his first book ‘Flag 4: The Battle of Coastal Forces in the Mediterranean’ was published in 1954. It was highly acclaimed and with many more works of naval history, including ‘The Battle of the River Plate’, later filmed, and others on the second world war, along with the ‘Biography of Sir Henry Morgan 1635–1688’ and various biographies of Nelson’s actions, Pope became acknowledged as a highly accomplished historian.

Encouraged by Hornblower creator CS Forester, he also wrote fiction, using his own experiences in the Navy and his extensive historical research as a basis. In 1965, ‘Ramage’ was published. This was the first of a highly successful series of novels which followed the exploits of the heroic ‘Lord Nicholas Ramage’ during the Napoleonic Wars.

Another series followed, this time based on a family, the ‘Yorkes’, whose exploits from being the buccaneer ‘Admiral of the Brethren’ in the seventeenth century Caribbean, to helping capture a German U-Boat in the second world war, are both gripping and quite obviously fully researched.

Dudley Pope married Kay when they were both working for the Evening News and their adventurous life together forms a work in itself (see: Cabo Trafalgar in the Moonlight by Kay Pope). They lived in Italy, crossed the Atlantic in a yacht along with their baby daughter, and then lived aboard for many years cruising around the Caribbean, before settling in St. Martin. He died aged seventy one in 1997, survived by Kay and their daughter Victoria.