Calligraffiti por Niels ''Shoe'' Meulman

Calligraffiti por Niels ''Shoe'' Meulman

Titulo del libro: Calligraffiti

Autor: Niels ''Shoe'' Meulman

ISBN: 3937946217

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Niels ''Shoe'' Meulman con Calligraffiti

'Calligraffiti - The Graphic Art of Niels "SHOE" Meulman' is an impressive publication that presents a large selection of typographic works by Niels Shoe Meulman arranged in a uniquely simplistic manner; every spread presents two interacting visuals on its opposing pages. This repeating duality makes this book much more than just a collection of the artist's best work; it unveils the basis of all graphic art. The idea of universal harmony, sometimes described as yin and yang, is translated to the 21st century. Like 'black and white' or even 'less and more'. Throughout the book there will be comments written by Adam Eeuwens and the artist. The book will also include an essay by Adam Eeuwens about the artist and the significance of his work. Niels 'Shoe' Meulman is a contemporary Dutch calligrapher, typographer and designer who successfully made the transition from the street to high end design. His work can be described as classical freehand calligraphy combined with street edge and...