Parenting Without Power Struggles por Susan Stiffelman

Parenting Without Power Struggles por Susan Stiffelman

Titulo del libro: Parenting Without Power Struggles

Autor: Susan Stiffelman

Número de páginas: 320 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 1, 2012

ISBN: 1849839182

Editor: Simon & Schuster

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Susan Stiffelman con Parenting Without Power Struggles

Parenting Without Power Struggles


"A must-read for every parent and grandparent. An exceptional book I will refer to often for assistance in helping all the families we serve."
Maria D'Angelo, founder, Children's Lifesaving Foundation

"One of the most user-friendly, practical and engaging guides to parenting I've ever come across."
Janet Bray Attwood, co-author of the NY Times bestseller The Passion Test

"Susan's work is brilliant. If you buy just one parenting book this year, make it this one!"
Thom Hartmann, author of Healing ADD

"Full of wise insights and effective strategies, this book should be required reading for all parents." --Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., author of "Giving the Love That Heals: A Guide for Parents

""If there was ever someone who could truly change the course of a family's life, it's Susan Stiffelman. Her effective methods are spelled out clearly in her wonderful book, making it easy to create a parent-child harmony at home." --Susan Avery, "More" magazine

"Conversational and practical... Stiffelman's engaging work gives parents tools to navigate confidently in both calm and stormy family seas." --"Publishers Weekly"

Susan Stiffelman is a licensed psychotherapist and marriage/family therapist in Malibu, California. She holds a BA in developmental psychology and an MA in clinical psychology. Through her presence as AOL's parenting expert (AdviceMama), her private work with adults, couples, teens and children, her frequent public presentations, her phone coaching, articles, interviews and active website (, Susan has become a source of advice and support for hundreds of thousands of parents longing to raise joyful and resilient kids in a fast-paced world.