Paradise Lost (Deluxe Slipcase Gift Edition) por John Milton

Paradise Lost (Deluxe Slipcase Gift Edition) por John Milton

Titulo del libro: Paradise Lost (Deluxe Slipcase Gift Edition)

Autor: John Milton

ISBN: 1782124233

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John Milton con Paradise Lost (Deluxe Slipcase Gift Edition)

In this epic work, John Milton seeks "to justify the ways of God to men" through the familiar Christian myth of the fall from grace. The poem is imbued with Milton's profoundly individual view of man's place in the universe and his intellectual and spiritual quest for redemption in the face of despair. This unique clothbound edition includes its own slipcase and all fifty of the magnificent engravings produced by Gustave Dore especially for the work.

[A]n exemplary job both of presenting the major topics of Paradise Lost and of entering the selva oscura of Milton criticism... Students and scholars alike will appreciate the balanced approach to the complexities, difficulties, and conundrums of Milton's poem and the criticism on it. Kastan's prose is not just lively but chiseled, and it is destined to affect students. --Patrick Cheney, Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900 Kastan is an exemplary editor, attuned to emerging critical currents, yet steeped in the scholarship of an earlier tradition, aware of the text's provenance and reception, alert to its topicality. His introduction, a model of theoretically informed, politically committed, historically grounded criticism, makes this edition of Paradise Lost all you would expect from one of the most erudite and perceptive figures in the field. --Willy Maley, Modern Language Review This is a superb edition, a model of careful editing and judicious annotation. --Leslie Brisman, Department of English, Yale University

John Milton was born into a middle-class family in 1608. He was a poet and man of letters who got involved in the radical politics of his time. He championed the cause of the Puritans and Oliver Cromwell and served in Cromwell's government. In 1651 he went blind. When Charles II was restored to the throne of England in 1660, Milton was arrested but he was soon released to live the rest of his life in seclusion, where he was able to create some of his greatest work.