Color Your Own Wolverine por Joe Quesada

Color Your Own Wolverine por Joe Quesada

Titulo del libro: Color Your Own Wolverine

Autor: Joe Quesada

Número de páginas: 120 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 1, 2017

ISBN: 1302903845

Editor: Hachette Book Group USA

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Joe Quesada con Color Your Own Wolverine

Nothing's ever black and white in the world of Wolverine, so it's up to you to add the color to some of his most sensational scenes! Whether you prefer your Logan in classic blue-and-yellow, stylish brown-and-tan, or his X-Force stealth suit, the choice is yours! And if you've always wanted to see Wolverine in pastel shades, this is your chance! So wield your pens, pencils or crayons like claws, and go wild on 60 pages of feral mutant action featuring your favorite X-Man, as well as his many friends and foes! They're all exquisitely rendered by Marvel's finest artists, with intricate details that mean hours of coloring entertainment for you to enjoy - whether you're an enthusiastic amateur or the best there is!