Little Marvel Standee Punch-out Book

Little Marvel Standee Punch-out Book

Titulo del libro: Little Marvel Standee Punch-out Book

Número de páginas: 218 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 31, 2016

ISBN: 1302902024

Editor: Marvel Comics

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Little Marvel Standee Punch-out Book

(W/A/CA) Skottie Young Always thought Skottie Young's incredible artwork leaps off the page? Well, now it does - with a little help - in this colorful collection of punch-out Marvel heroes! Featuring nine sturdy pages filled with die-cut characters just waiting to be popped free, you can build yourself an army of Skottie's small-fry super-type standees that will serve as an adorable adornment to any home - or place of work! Enliven your living room! Ornament your office! Fashion a mini Marvel chess set! Or just sit down and play Secret Wars with 'em to your heart's content! From Spider-Man to the Guardians of the Galaxy, they're all here - and they've never looked cuter. Now, make like the junior Avengers and X-Men every time they get together - start punching, and make a stand(ee)! All Ages