String Art (Klutz) por Eva Steele-Staccio

String Art (Klutz) por Eva Steele-Staccio

Titulo del libro: String Art (Klutz)

Autor: Eva Steele-Staccio

Número de páginas: 56 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 1, 2014

ISBN: 0545703212

Editor: Klutz Press

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Eva Steele-Staccio con String Art (Klutz)

String Art is Back! This popular art from the 1970's is great for today's kids 10 and up. Colored strings that are wrapped around pins to create dimensional works of art. This kit from Klutz has enough materials to make 6 designs including a fox, flower and butterfly. The 60-page instruction book comes with 6 boards, tracing paper, 8 colors of craft string, 550 pins, a unique pin pushing tool and 10 decorative sheets of backing paper.