Emotionally Weird por Kate Atkinson

Emotionally Weird por Kate Atkinson

Titulo del libro: Emotionally Weird

Autor: Kate Atkinson

Número de páginas: 352 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 2, 2000

ISBN: 038540882X

Editor: Doubleday

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Kate Atkinson con Emotionally Weird

On a peat and heather island off the West Coast of Scotland, Effie and her mother Nora take refuge in the large mouldering house of their ancestors and tell each other stories. Nora, at first, recounts nothing that Effie really wants to hear, like who her father was - variously Jimmy, Jack, or Ernie. Effie tells of her life at college in Dundee, the land of cakes and William Wallace, where she lives in a lethargic relationship with Bob, a student who never goes to lectures, seldom gets out of bed, and to whom the Klingons are as real as the French and the Germans (more real than the Luxemburgers). But strange things are happening. Why is Effie being followed? Is someone killing the old people? And where is the mysterious yellow dog?

In a brilliant comic narrative which explores the nonsensical nature of language and meaning, Kate Atkinson has created another magical masterpiece.

'A truly comic novel - achingly funny in parts - challenging and executed with wit and mischief...an hilarious and magical trip' MEERA SYAL, The Express

'Sends jolts of pleasure off the page... Atkinson's funniest foray yet... it is a work of Dickensian or even Shakespearean plenty' The Scotsman